Words containing acapel

Meaning of Absenteeism

absenteeism means: habitual absence from work

Meaning of Capriccio

capriccio means: an instrumental composition that doesn't adhere to rules for any specific musical form and is played with improvisation

Meaning of Divisional

divisional means: constituting a division or an aliquot part of the basic monetary unit

Meaning of Divisional

divisional means: serving to divide or marking a division

Meaning of Divisional

divisional means: of or relating to a military division

Meaning of Francois marie charles fourier

francois marie charles fourier means: French sociologist and reformer who hoped to achieve universal harmony by reorganizing society (1772-1837)

Meaning of Galicia

galicia means: a region (and former kingdom) in northwestern Spain on the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay

Meaning of Glasgow

glasgow means: largest city in Scotland; a port on the Clyde in west central Scotland; one of the great shipbuilding centers of the world

Meaning of Lancastrian line

lancastrian line means: the English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461; its emblem was a red rose

Meaning of Legal brief

legal brief means: a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case

Meaning of Loasaceae

loasaceae means: family of bristly hairy sometimes climbing plants; America and Africa and southern Arabia

Meaning of Null set

null set means: a set that is empty; a set with no members

Meaning of Otitis

otitis means: inflammation of the ear

Meaning of Outfield

outfield means: the area of a baseball playing field beyond the lines connecting the bases

Meaning of Overhand knot

overhand knot means: a simple small knot (often used as part of other knots)

Meaning of Prairie rattler

prairie rattler means: widely distributed between the Mississippi and the Rockies

Meaning of Retaliator

retaliator means: someone who takes vengeance

Meaning of Rose chafer

rose chafer means: common North American beetle: larvae feed on roots and adults on leaves and flowers of e.g. rose bushes or apple trees or grape vines

Meaning of Rose chafer

rose chafer means: a common metallic green European beetle: larvae feed on plant roots and adults on leaves and flowers of e.g. roses

Meaning of Takilman

takilman means: a Penutian language spoken by the Takelma

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