Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Saapten ?

Anapest (n.): A metrical foot consisting of three syllables, the first two short, or unaccented, the last long, or accented (/ / -); the reverse of the dactyl. In Latin d/-/-tas, and in English in-ter-vene#, are examples of anapests.

Anapest (n.): A verse composed of such feet.

Peasant (n.): A countryman; a rustic; especially, one of the lowest class of tillers of the soil in European countries.

Peasant (a.): Rustic, rural.

Anapest (n): A metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables

Peasant (n): A country person

Peasant (n): A crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

Peasant (n): One of a (chiefly European) class of agricultural laborers

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7 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Anapest Peasant Peasant Peasant

8 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Anapaest Pheasant Pheasant Pleasant Pleasant

9 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Anapestic Be at pains En passant En passant Pasternak Peasantry Pesantran Plane seat Stanhopea Take pains

10 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Afterpains Anapaestic Anastrophe Anise plant Anisoptera Asthenopia Genus trapa Master plan Palestrina Passionate Pasteurian Persian cat Pinus taeda Plastinate Pleasantly Pleasantly Pleasantry Sapiential Sea captain Separation Separation Separation Separation Separation Separation Separation Separation Separation Shame plant Snake plant Spanish tea Stalin peak Sweat pants Sweatpants Unpleasant

11 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Absorptance Antheropeas Appeasement Carpet snake Casein paint Ceratopsian Encapsulate Encapsulate Genus atropa Genus tupaia Greasepaint Great plains Mantispidae Masking tape Nasal septum Palestinian Palestinian Partialness Pastureland Paternalism Peasanthood Pulasan tree Punta arenas Sea elephant Sports arena Stay in place Straphanger Straphanger Sunray pleat Supernatant Supernatant Thomas paine Transalpine Transalpine Transparent Transparent Transparent Transparent Transpirate

12 Letter Words containing all the letters in SAAPTEN: Ajuga reptans Anas clypeata Anchovy paste Aphyllanthes Apparentness Aristophanes At any expense Crow pheasant East pakistan Elephant seal Elephant's ear Elephant's ear Endoparasite Entoparasite Exasperating Exasperating Exasperation Exasperation Fashion plate Fashion plate Genital phase Genus apatura Genus catalpa Genus patella Genus tilapia Genus tipuana Happenstance Insanity plea Lancet-shaped Latency phase Lepista irina Leptinotarsa Natural shape Pain in the ass Painted daisy Pallas athena Pallas athene Pancake-style Pancreatitis Paracentesis Pars anterior Parsons table Passing water Passionately Passionately Pelican state Penalisation Pentastomida Persona grata Phantasy life Pheasant's-eye Pimenta acris Planetesimal Plant disease Plaster saint Pleasantness Pleasantness Poa pratensis Pythian games Sampling rate Separateness Separateness Separateness Siphonaptera Snap fastener Soybean plant Space station Spanish heath Sparring mate Spearnose bat Special agent Spermatozoan Superannuate Superannuate Superannuate Superannuate Supernatural Supernatural Thysanoptera Tinea capitis Transparence Transparence Transparency Transparency Transparency Transplanter Transposable Tyrolean alps Unpleasantly Water parsnip Water spaniel West pakistan

6 Scrabble letter words or Anagrams from Saapten and meanings

Patena (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Saapten means: A grassy expanse in the hill region of Ceylon. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Atpena
Patena (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Saapten means: A paten. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Naepat

Scrabble cheat for aaptSne. Saapten. is an anagram from tSpaena. Word puzzles for Saapetn. Saapten paaentS, tnSaaep. Meaning of Saapten.

Tags: Meaning of Saapten. anagram solver, definition of Saapten. Found the meaning of Saapten? This page defines Saapten. anagrams from Saapten.

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