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Allied (imp. & p. p.): Of Ally

Annuary (a.): Annual.

Corporately (adv.): In a corporate capacity; acting as a corporate body.

Creephole (n.): A hole or retreat into which an animal may creep, to escape notice or danger.

Dreadfully (adv.): In a dreadful manner; terribly.

Excluded (imp. & p. p.): Of Exclude

Gimcrack (n.): A trivial mechanism; a device; a toy; a pretty thing.

Manger (n.): The fore part of the deck, having a bulkhead athwart ships high enough to prevent water which enters the hawse holes from running over it.

Phonographer (n.): One versed or skilled in phonography.

Planiform (a.): Having a plane surface; as, a planiform, gliding, or arthrodial articulation.

Puppet (n.): One controlled in his action by the will of another; a tool; -- so used in contempt.

Thirst (n.): To feel thirst; to experience a painful or uneasy sensation of the throat or fauces, as for want of drink.

To (prep.): Addition; union; accumulation.

Ulcerable (a.): Capable of ulcerating.

Uranometry (n.): A chart or catalogue of fixed stars, especially of stars visible to the naked eye.

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