Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Nuestoa ?

Soutane (n.): A close garnment with straight sleeves, and skirts reaching to the ankles, and buttoned in front from top to bottom; especially, the black garment of this shape worn by the clergy in France and Italy as their daily dress; a cassock.

Soutane (n): A long cassock with buttons down the front; worn by Roman Cathol

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7 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Soutane

8 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Seamount Sneak out

9 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Anestrous Anestrous Anoestrum Anoestrus Argentous Astounded Conepatus Consulate Courtesan Cutaneous Eastbound Genus lota Langouste Langouste Nectarous Oecanthus Reason out Shogunate Sulfonate Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious Untoasted

10 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Anoestrous Autogenics Autogenous Autosexing Bean sprout Coetaneous Consummate Consummate Consummate Consummate Consummate County seat Exhaustion Exhaustion Exhaustion Extraneous Extraneous Extraneous Extraneous Gelatinous Genus aotus Genus hosta Genus todea Genus toona House agent House paint House-train Housepaint Houseplant Inosculate Inosculate Locust bean Mao tsetung Neuroblast Opuntiales Plant louse Recusation Recusation Round steak Sequenator Square knot Steganopus Treasonous

11 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Abstentious Adventurous Aeronautics Amentaceous Anisotremus Auction sale Austronesia Author's name Autogenesis Banquet song Basset hound Beauty salon Calf's tongue Cat and mouse Chestnut oak Cleanup spot Consummated Countryseat Decussation Degustation Eating house Fatuousness Filamentous Genus atropa Genus castor Genus costia Genus cotula Genus montia Genus noctua Genus ostrea Genus ostrya Genus otaria Genus protea Genus tarpon Genus tetrao Get a noseful Ground state Hart's-tongue Hart's-tongue House martin Intravenous James hutton Keratoconus Keratonosus Langoustine Mantoux test Mare nostrum Mensuration Musical note Neuromatous Neuroplasty Neutron star Oak chestnut Obtuse angle One thousand One thousand Open-and-shut Outdistance Outwardness Outwardness Outwardness Pentamerous Perognathus Pomacentrus Procrustean Safe-conduct Santee sioux Seat cushion Sharp tongue South korean South korean Southern tai Speculation Speculation Speculation Speculation Spontaneous Spontaneous Stenocarpus Sternutator Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subway token Sutural bone Talent scout Teaspoonful Ten thousand Ten thousand Tenaciously Trades union Tsung dao lee Tuscan order Unobservant Unseaworthy Unstoppable

12 Letter Words containing all the letters in NUESTOA: Absoluteness Absoluteness Adder's tongue Advantageous Advantageous Adventitious Amentiferous Arbutus unedo Auction house Auguste rodin Austronesian Austronesian Austronesian Autosemantic Boastfulness Bouvet island Broussonetia Buster keaton Button-shaped Cantankerous Cantankerous Caryota urens Cautiousness Chaim soutine Commensurate Consultative Counterblast Counterstain Customer's man Desquamation Discount rate Discount rate Eastern sioux Echinocactus Educationist Elephantopus Emasculation Emasculation Encrustation Encrustation Encrustation Equalisation Festuca ovina Genus adenota Genus antedon Genus ballota Genus caryota Genus cetonia Genus colutea Genus cotinga Genus crocuta Genus eustoma Genus hatiora Genus kakatoe Genus lepiota Genus locusta Genus lomatia Genus manihot Genus marmota Genus neotoma Genus ondatra Genus opuntia Genus ortalis Genus othonna Genus shortia Genus tadorna Genus tautoga Genus tectona Genus telopea Genus tineola Genus tolmiea Genus torreya Genus zostera Giant sequoia Godwin austen Heart and soul Heart and soul Heart surgeon Heat of fusion House painter House servant House-trained Katsuwonidae Line of saturn Menstruation Mescal button Misfortunate Momentaneous Mount sherman Mountain rose Mountainside Mustela vison Neoceratodus Noncausative Omental bursa Ostentatious Ostentatious Percutaneous Pertinacious Proconsulate Put one across Question mark Questionable Questionable Questionably Second nature Senior status Simultaneous Small fortune Snack counter Soixante-neuf Somnambulate Soup-strainer South vietnam South-central South-central Southeastern Southeastern Spark counter Station house Stenotaphrum Sternutation Sternutatory Sternutatory Sternutatory Stupefaction Stupefaction Stupefaction Subcutaneous Surmountable Surmountable Sustentation Terminus a quo Tetragonurus Tongue-shaped Treasury bond Treasury note Tube-nosed bat Turn of phrase Unaccustomed Unauthorised Unauthorised Unpatronised Unsanctioned Up-to-dateness Vesiculation

6 Scrabble letter words or Anagrams from Nuestoa and meanings

Unseat (v. t.) an anagram/scrabble word from Nuestoa means: To throw from one's seat; to deprive of a seat. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eutsan
Nasute (a.) an anagram/scrabble word from Nuestoa means: Having a nice sense of smell. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Asenut
Unseat (v. t.) an anagram/scrabble word from Nuestoa means: Specifically, to deprive of the right to sit in a legislative body, as for fraud in election. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Tenuas
Nasute (a.) an anagram/scrabble word from Nuestoa means: Critically nice; captious. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Esutan
Astone (v. t.) an anagram/scrabble word from Nuestoa means: To stun; to astonish; to stupefy. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Estaon

Scrabble cheat for saoNtue. Nuestoa. is an anagram from sNatoeu. Word puzzles for otNuase. Nuestoa Nuoaest, oatsueN. Meaning of Nuestoa.

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