Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Dlteaa ?

Alated (a.): Winged; having wings, or side appendages like wings.

Alated (s): (of seeds or insects) having winglike extensions

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6 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: Alated

7 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: Ablated Adulate Datable

8 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: Baldpate Baldpate Data file Date palm Dateable Delta ray Flathead Flathead Get a load Lapidate Lapidate Talpidae Teasdale Validate Validate Validate Validate

9 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: Acetaldol Acidulate Aculeated Adaptable Adoptable Adult male Aldactone Alienated Alienated Almandite Anecdotal Anecdotal Annulated Art dealer Astraddle Bald-pated Blattidae Blattodea Card table Card table Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral Dangaleat Debatable Debatable Debatable Defalcate Delta wave Devaluate Devaluate Dialectal Diametral Dolabrate Flatbread Gallaudet Glaciated Great deal Headstall Heartland Heathland Lacerated Lacerated Land agent Land agent Latter-day Lead plant Leadplant Metalhead Peltandra Road metal Tableland Tandearil Tear gland Tidal wave Tidal wave Tidal wave Trade-last Trail head Trailhead Twayblade Twayblade Undatable Validated Wasteland

10 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: A great deal A great deal Accidental Accidental Accidental Acetanilid Addlepated Adequately Adjectival Adjustable Adjustable Admittable Adulterant Adulterant Adulterate Adulterate Affiliated Age-related Alleviated Animatedly Asteroidal Atlantides Atlas cedar Autoloader Balistidae Balustrade Black death Blade roast Boat paddle Calculated Calibrated Capsulated Carbolated Cardcastle Cat's cradle Coagulated Coagulated Crotalidae Dart player De-escalate De-escalate Death angel Defalcator Deflagrate Deflagrate Dental care Desalinate Detachable Dilapidate Dilapidate Elaborated Elateridae Extradural Fatherland Giant eland Granulated Halictidae Haliotidae Hard palate Ida tarbell Ideational Invalidate Invalidate Invalidate Invalidate Lacertidae Lammastide Lanthanide Lap-straked Lead astray Lead astray Lead astray Leopard cat Lutjanidae Maltreated Mandelstam Marital bed Mastoidale Native land Nautilidae Neandertal Neandertal Neandertal Parted leaf Patellidae Pedate leaf Radial tire Sacculated Sacerdotal Sacerdotal Saddle seat Salad plate Slave trade Stalemated Stand-alone Sweat gland Tail-shaped Tailed toad Tailor-made Tailor-made Talleyrand Taradiddle Taradiddle Timaliidae Tolazamide Tragulidae Vacuolated

11 Letter Words containing all the letters in DLTEAA: Accelerated Accumulated Acetanilide Adelie coast Adult female Adulterated Adulterator Adulterator Adventitial Advertorial Alendronate Alexandrite Alismatidae Alligatored Amalgamated Anecdotical Annihilated Antheridial Applied math Armor-plated Articulated Auriculated Bacteroidal Bastille day Black-coated Cancellated Cancellated Cardinalate Cardinalate Castellated Catha edulis Cattle guard Close at hand Close at hand Closet drama Comatulidae Cordaitales Cordate leaf Dairy cattle Damask steel Dark lantern Death valley Declamation Declamation Declamatory Declaration Declaration Declaration Declaration Declaration Declaration Declarative Declarative Declarative Declaratory Decoagulant Defalcation Defalcation Denali fault Dental plate Dentate leaf Devaluation Devaluation Dialectical Diametrical Diametrical Dilapidated Discalceate Earth almond East midland Educational Educational Elastic band Emasculated Exhilarated Flagellated Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental Garden plant Half-hearted Half-tracked Halfhearted Hylobatidae Ida m. tarbell Intradermal Invalidated Kendall's tau Labiodental Labrador tea Lap-streaked Latimeridae Lead acetate Leaf mustard Leaf mustard Maladaptive Maladjusted Maladjusted Maladjusted Mandelshtam Mandibulate Mediatorial Naked-tailed Natalie wood Naturalised Naturalized Naturalized Neanderthal Neanderthal Neanderthal Order lobata Painted leaf Painted leaf Palatalised Palatalized Pantalooned Pastureland Pelobatidae Plantigrade Plantigrade Plataleidae Pseudaletia Radiolocate Railroad tie Rallentando Rallentando Rattlepated Readability Readability Ritual dance Rocket salad Salad burnet Salad burnet Sandblaster Scaly-tailed Seed catalog Slave trader Snail darter Stamp dealer Steadfastly Strait-laced Straitlaced Talking head Tall-stalked Tarradiddle Tarradiddle Tetrahalide Tidal stream Tossed salad Transdermal Trapezoidal Unadaptable Unadoptable Valle d'aosta Viola pedata

5 Scrabble letter words or Anagrams from Dlteaa and meanings

Lated (a.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: Belated; too late. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Etald
Alate (adv.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: Lately; of late. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Talea
Alate (a.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: Alt. of Alated Anagram or scrabble meaning of Taael
Delta (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: A tract of land shaped like the letter delta (/), especially when the land is alluvial and inclosed between two or more mouths of a river; as, the delta of the Ganges, of the Nile, or of the Mississippi. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eltad
Taled (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: A kind of quadrangular piece of cloth put on by the Jews when repeating prayers in the synagogues. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Adelt
Dealt (imp. & p. p.) an anagram/scrabble word from Dlteaa means: of Deal Anagram or scrabble meaning of Telda

Scrabble cheat for atleaD. Dlteaa. is an anagram from eDlaat. Word puzzles for Daatel. Dlteaa aeDtla, lDaate. Meaning of Dlteaa.

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