Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Adce ?

Cade (a.): Bred by hand; domesticated; petted.

Cade (v. t.): To bring up or nourish by hand, or with tenderness; to coddle; to tame.

Cade (n.): A barrel or cask, as of fish.

Cade (n.): A species of juniper (Juniperus Oxycedrus) of Mediterranean countries.

Dace (n.): A small European cyprinoid fish (Squalius leuciscus or Leuciscus vulgaris); -- called also dare.

Deca- (): A prefix, from Gr. de`ka, signifying ten; specifically (Metric System), a prefix signifying the weight or measure that is ten times the principal unit.

Dace (n): Small European freshwater fish with a slender bluish-green body

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4 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: Dace

5 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: Acned Arced Cadet Cadge Cadge Cadre Cadre Cased Cased Cedar Cedar Cedar Clade Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance Decaf Decal Decay Decay Decay Decay Decay Decay Decay Decay Faced Laced Laced

6 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: Abduce Accede Accede Accede Acedia Adduce Advect Advice Alcedo Arcade Arcade Arched Arched Ascend Ascend Ascend Ascend Ascend Ascend Ascend Ascend Backed Backed Braced Braced Caddie Caddie Cadent Cadger Calced Calder Camden Candle Candle Candle Canned Canned Canted Capped Capped Carved Cashed Caudex Caudex Cedarn Chafed Chased Clawed Clawed Coated Coated Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Cradle Craved Crazed Credal Dacelo Dacite Dancer Dancer De sica Deacon Deacon Decade Decade Decamp Decamp Decamp Decant Declaw Deface Detach Detach Detach Facade Facade Lac dye Packed Packed Placed Placed Redact Redact Redact Redcap Redcap Sacked Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred Scaled Scaled Scared Spaced Spaced

7 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: Academe Academy Academy Academy Academy Accrued Accused Acid dye Actifed Adducer Adience Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Advance Alcalde Alcidae Alcides Arcidae Art deco Back end Bar code Bracted Brocade Brocade Cadaver Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadency Cadenza Cairned Caldera Camp bed Candela Candent Candied Candied Canidae Cape cod Carbide Cascade Cascade Cascade Cascade Cascade Castled Cathode Cathode Caudate Caudate Caudate Caudate Caulked Cebidae Cedilla Cedrela Cestida Cestoda Chained Chaldea Chaldea Chaldee Chaldee Chaldee Changed Changed Changed Chanted Chapped Charade Charade Charged Charged Charged Charged Charmed Charmed Cheddar Cheddar Citadel Cladode Cleared Cleared Cloaked Cloaked Cockade Comrade Comrade Comrade Cordage Cordage Cordate Corrade Couvade Crabbed Cracked Cracked Cracked Cragged Cramped Creedal Crusade Crusade Crusade Crusade Cudbear Cyanide Cyanide Dachsie Day care Daycare De facto De facto Debacle Debacle Debacle Debauch Debauch Decagon Decapod Decapod Decatur Decatur Decatur Decayed Decease Decease Decidua Decimal Decimal Decimal Declaim Declaim Declare Declare Declare Declare Declare Declare Declare Declare Descale Descant Descant Descant Descant Detract Dialect Dictate Dictate Dictate Dictate Dictate Die back Die-cast Dieback Discase Dockage Dockage Dockage Due care Durance Echidna Echidna Ecuador Edacity Edacity Educate Educate Educate Encased Escaped Faceted Fancied Hatched Hatched Iced tea Iceland Iceland Incased Keycard Lacepod Located Macedon Macleod Matched Matched Medevac Mediacy Medical Medical Medical Medical Medivac Oceanid Odoacer Parched Parched Patched Patched Pedicab Picidae Po-faced Poached Radicle Red clay Redcoat Saccade Saccade Scarred Scarred Sea duck Seed lac Serdica Sidecar Sidecar Stacked Stacked Succade Tancred Tendrac Tracked Traduce Unlaced Unlaced Used-car Whacked

8 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: Abdicate Abducens Abducent Abducent Abidance Abidance Abidance Academia Academic Academic Academic Academic Acaridae Acaudate Accented Accented Accepted Accident Accident Accolade Accredit Accredit Accredit Accursed Acid head Acid test Acidemia Acquired Actinide Actuated Ad agency Adamance Addicted Adducent Adequacy Adequacy Adjacent Adjacent Adjacent Adolesce Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advancer Advocate Advocate Advocate Advocate Affected Affected Affected Anecdote Antecede Aqueduct Archduke Area code Arecidae Articled Ascender Ascender Ascender Attached Attached Attached Attached Audience Audience Audience Audience Backbend Backdate Backside Backside Bad check Balanced Basic dye Bean curd Becalmed Bile acid Birdcage Blanched Blanched Bleached Bleached Blockade Blockade Blockade Blockade Blockade Blockade Boat deck Bold face Boldface Boldface Branched Branched Broached Brocaded Caboodle Cadaster Cadastre Cadenced Caducean Caduceus Calderon Caldwell Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar Calender Calender Caller id Calycled Camp-made Candy egg Cane reed Canfield Canoodle Canopied Capeweed Capsidae Card game Cardcase Cardizem Cared-for Carpeted Cascades Case load Cathedra Caudated Caviidae Cavitied Cd player Cedar elm Cedar nut Cervidae Cestidae Chaldaea Chaldaea Chaldean Chaldean Chaldean Chandler Chandler Chandler Charades Chelated Chelydra Chordate Chordate Ciliated Cleridae Clinidae Clip lead Club head Club-head Clubhead Coccidae Code flag Codiaeum Colander Cold wave Comedian Comedian Copepoda Copyread Coral-red Coreidae Corvidae Cot death Cottidae Cow's head Cracidae Crannied Credenza Crenated Crusader Crusader Cul de sac Cul de sac Cum laude Cum laude Cuspated Cyclades Cyclades Cydippea Daboecia Dacninae Damocles Date back De-access Dead duck Deadlock Death cap Death cup Decadent Decadent Decadent Decadron Decagram Decanter Decapoda Decapoda Deceased Deceased Decigram Decimate Decimate Deckhand Declared Declared Declarer Declarer Decorate Decorate Decorate Decorate Decrease Decrease Decrease Decrease Decrease Decrease Decumary Dedicate Dedicate Dedicate Dedicate Defecate Defiance Defiance Defiance Delegacy Delegacy Delegacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicacy Delicate Delicate Delicate Delicate Delicate Delicate Delicate Demarche Democrat Democrat Demoniac Demoniac Despatch Despatch Despatch Despatch Despatch Detached Detached Detached Detached Detached Detached Deuce-ace Deviance Deviance Diabetic Diabetic Diabetic Dicentra Dickhead Dictated Diocesan Diocesan Dioecian Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace Disgrace Displace Displace Displace Displace Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance Doorcase Dracaena Dry clean Duck pate Duct tape Dulcinea Dumb cane Dunce cap Edacious Educated Educated Educatee Educator Endocarp Enhanced Escalade Escalade Escapade Escapade Esocidae Etodolac Eye candy Face card Fan dance Feed back Feed back Feedback Feedback Fuckhead God's acre Guidance Guidance Guidance Hacienda Hacienda Had crime Hard core Hard-core Hard-core Hard-core Hardcore Hardcore Head ache Head cold Head lice Headache Headache Headlock Headrace Heraldic Heraldic Hole card Hole card Idocrase Impacted Indicate Indicate Indicate Indicate Indicate Jaundice Jaundice Jaundice Jaundice Lacertid Lacewood Lake chad Lake duck Lame duck Latticed Lycaenid Main deck Maledict Maledict Medicago Medicaid Medicare Medicate Medicate Merodach Muscadel Muscadet Muscadet Muscidae Myacidae Neckband Neckband Neckband Ordnance Ordnance Packaged Pandemic Pandemic Pandemic Panicked Panicled Peasecod Pedantic Percidae Phocidae Picardie Prevacid Psocidae Pug-faced Racecard Radiance Radiance Radiance Red cedar Red cedar Red cedar Red cedar Red china Red coral Red coral Red scare Red-faced Red-faced Redactor Reed mace Reedmace Remicade Remicade Riddance Riddance Sacredly Sad-faced Sadducee Sarcodes Scandent Scaridae Sciaenid Scrag end Seed cake Seed coat Seedcake Seedcase Send back Shackled Sick-abed Sidalcea Slag code So-called Stockade Stockade Stockade Sun dance Tap dance Tap dance Tapdance Tape deck Tea caddy Tear duct Timecard Timecard Toe dance Tracheid Traducer Two-faced Two-faced Unbacked Unbraced Uncapped Uncarved Uncaused Uncoated Underact Unplaced Unspaced Verdancy Voidance War dance

9 Letter Words containing all the letters in ADCE: 1-dodecanol Abdicable Abscessed Absconder Abundance Abundance Abundance Academism Acaracide Acaricide Accidence Accoutred Accroides Acetaldol Acetamide Acid value Acidulate Acidulent Acquitted Acrididae Acridness Acridness Activated Activated Activated Activated Aculeated Addictive Adductive Adherence Adherence Adjacency Adjective Adjective Adjective Adjective Advection Advective Afflicted Afflicted Afterdeck Air-cooled Aldactone Aldehydic Ambuscade Ambuscade Amerindic Ancylidae Anecdotal Anecdotal Anecdotic Announced Aperiodic Arcdegree Arcsecond Arctiidae Ascaridae Ascendant Ascendant Ascendant Ascendant Ascendent Ascendent Ascendent Ascendent Ascending Ascending Asclepiad Astacidae Asyndetic Avoidance Azedarach Azederach Baby-faced Back judge Backfield Backpedal Backpedal Backpedal Backslide Bacteroid Bacteroid Bad cheque Balconied Bald-faced Bald-faced Barbecued Barefaced Barefaced Barn dance Barricade Barricade Barricade Barricade Barricade Beachhead Beachhead Bed jacket Beta decay Black bead Black lead Blackened Blackened Blackhead Blacklead Blackseed Blocadren Blockaded Blockhead Bridecake Bruchidae Cabdriver Cacodemon Cadaveric Cadetship Caladenia Calcedony Caledonia Calendric Calendula Calloused Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Camcorder Camelidae Cancelled Cancridae Candidate Candidate Candlemas Candlenut Candlenut Candlepin Candy cane Candy-like Candyweed Cannonade Cannonade Canonised Canonized Cape dagga Cape verde Caproidae Car dealer Carabidae Carapidae Carbamide Card index Card table Card table Card-house Cardamine Cardhouse Cardiidae Carduelis Care-laden Cargo deck Carinated Carpet pad Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Case study Case study Cassocked Cast aside Castrated Catchweed Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral Cavalcade Cavendish Cedar tree Cedar tree Cedarbird Cedarwood Celandine Celandine Cell death Ceratodus Chaetodon Chafeweed Chaffweed Chagrined Chalcedon Chalcedon Chalcidae Chaldaean Chaldaean Chaldaean Chambered Chandelle Chandelle Chandlery Chandlery Channidae Chapleted Chartered Cheerlead Chermidae Chickadee Child care Childcare Chokedamp Choral ode Cicadidae Cichlidae Cimicidae Cinclidae Clear-eyed Clearweed Clepsydra Cleveland Cleveland Clog dance Clupeidae Co-educate Coal-fired Coalesced Coalfield Coarsened Coatdress Cobitidae Coccoidea Cocked hat Coeducate Cofferdam Cold cream Cold frame Cold sweat Cold water Cold-cream Coldcream Colonnade Colonnade Commander Commander Commander Commander Comradely Comradery Concealed Concealed Congealed Congridae Contained Cordaites Cordarone Coriander Coriander Coriander Corixidae Corn dance Cornbread Cote d'azur Coup d'etat Cowardice Cradle cap Crash dive Crash-dive Craspedia Crazy weed Crazyweed Cream soda Crib death Crinoidea Crosshead Crosshead Cuculidae Culicidae Curandera Curandero Curtained Cuspidate Cyanamide Cyanamide Cycadales Cynipidae Dalliance Dalliance Damascene Damascene Damascene Damascene Damascene Dance band Dance hall Dance step Danceable Deaconess Dead march Death camp Debauched Debauchee Debaucher Debit card Decadence Decadency Decalcify Decalcify Decaliter Decalitre Decalogue Decameter Decametre Decathlon Decayable Decennary Deck chair Decollate Decorated Decorator Decorator Decoupage Decoupage Decreased Decumaria Decussate Decussate Dedicated Dedicated Deep space Defalcate Defecator Delacroix Demagogic Demarcate Demarcate Demiglace Democracy Democracy Democracy Dendroica Deprecate Deprecate Descant on Descartes Desecrate Desecrate Desiccant Desiccate Desiccate Desiccate Desiccate Detractor Dialectal Dialectic Dialectic Dialectic Diametric Diametric Dianoetic Diarrheic Dibucaine Dicky-seat Dietician Dinoceras Dioscorea Direct tax Dirt cheap Disaffect Disc brake Disc space Discalced Discarded Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Discharge Disgraced Disk cache Disk space Dislocate Dislocate Doctorate Dodecagon Dominance Dominance Dominance Dominance Douche bag Downscale Draw close Draw close Draw close Dreadlock Dress rack Drive back Dry cereal Duck sauce Dude ranch Dulcorate Dunce's cap Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Duplicate Dyschezia Ear doctor Ecdysiast Ecuadoran Education Education Education Education Education Education Educative Elucidate Elucidate Emaciated Encainide Enchained Enchanted Enchilada Endemical Endogamic Endogamic Endurance Endurance Entranced Epicardia Eradicate Eradicate Escalader Euclidean Euclidian Exchanged Face guard Fast-paced Fecundate Fecundate Folk dance Folk dance Food cache Force-land Friedcake Gasconade Gasconade Glaciated Green card Hackneyed Hand cream Hard beech Hard cider Hard sauce Hardcover Hardcover Head count Head crash Head voice Headcount Headpiece Headpiece Headscarf Headspace Headstock Helicidae Hindrance Hindrance Hindrance Hue and cry Hydnaceae Icelander Icelandic Icelandic Icteridae Identical Identical Identical Identical Identical Immediacy Immediacy Immediacy Impedance In advance In advance Increased Index case Indexical Iridaceae Jam-packed Jaundiced Jaundiced Judicable Knackered Lacerated Lacerated Lancewood Lancewood Land cress Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Langue d'oc Larvacide Larvicide Lead colic Legal code Lidocaine Limacidae Localised Localised Localized Localized Long-faced Low-backed Lucanidae Lycosidae Macdowell Macedoine Macedonia Macedonia Male child Manducate Matchweed Matricide Matricide Medically Medicinal Mendacity Mendicant Mendicant Mendicant Misplaced Misplaced Moon-faced Motorcade Muscadine Muscadine Muscoidea Mustached Mysidacea Naticidae Noctuidae Nose candy Nucleated Ocellated Oleic acid Oniscidae Ordinance Ordinance Ordinance Pachyderm Pale-faced Paramedic Parricide Parricide Patricide Patricide Peach-wood Peachwood Peaked cap Pedagogic Pediatric Penal code Percoidea Phone card Place down Placoderm Ploceidae Pound cake Practiced Practiced Practised Predicate Predicate Predicate Predicate Predicate Prepacked Pulicidae Radar echo Rain dance Ransacked Re-created Ready cash Reclaimed Red carpet Red carpet Red-carpet Red-coated Redaction Redaction Reductant Reductase Relocated Retracted Rice paddy Ring dance Rudbeckia Sacred cow Sacred fig Sadducean Salt-cured Samoyedic Sand lance Sarcodine Scabicide Scale down Scale down Scalloped Scattered Scattered Sciaridae Scincidae Sciuridae Scorecard Scrambled Sea cradle Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Sedum acre Sexcapade Sid caesar Side chair Sidetrack Sidetrack Sketch pad Slack tide Slam dance Slam dance Soricidae Spaced-out Spaced-out Spaceward Speech day Sphecidae Subdeacon Super acid Sweat duct Sword cane Syndicate Syndicate Syndicate Syndicate Syndicate Syndicate Tap dancer Tax credit Tentacled Thickhead Tocainide Transcend Transcend Transduce True cedar Truncated Truncated Ulcerated Uncaulked Unchained Unchanged Unchanged Uncharged Uncharted Unclaimed Uncleared Uncreased Undecagon Undercoat Undercoat Undercoat Undercoat Unfaceted Unhatched Unlatched Unlocated Unmatched Unmatched Unmedical Unreached Unscathed Untracked Vade mecum Veridical Vice squad Vindicate Vindicate Vindicate Wild peach Wind scale Wu dialect Xenicidae Zoarcidae

3 Scrabble letter words or anagrams from Adce and meanings

Cad (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Adce means: A person who stands at the door of an omnibus to open and shut it, and to receive fares; an idle hanger-on about innyards. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Cad
-cae (pl. ) an anagram/scrabble word from Adce means: of Hierotheca Anagram or scrabble meaning of -ace
Cad (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Adce means: A lowbred, presuming person; a mean, vulgar fellow. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Acd
Ace (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Adce means: Hence: A very small quantity or degree; a particle; an atom; a jot. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Ace
Ace (n.) an anagram/scrabble word from Adce means: A unit; a single point or spot on a card or die; the card or die so marked; as, the ace of diamonds. Anagram or scrabble meaning of Eca

Scrabble cheat for decA. Adce. is an anagram from eAdc. Word puzzles for decA. Adce dAce, Acde. Meaning of Adce.

Tags: Meaning of Adce. anagram solver, definition of Adce. Found the meaning of Adce? This page defines Adce. anagrams from Adce.

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