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Beardlessness (n.): The state or quality of being destitute of beard.

Better (a.): Improved in health; less affected with disease; as, the patient is better.

Bleacher (n.): One who whitens, or whose occupation is to whiten, by bleaching.

Calcination (n.): The act or process of disintegrating a substance, or rendering it friable by the action of heat, esp. by the expulsion of some volatile matter, as when carbonic and acid is expelled from carbonate of calcium in the burning of limestone in order to make lime.

-mi (pl. ): Of Centesimo

Close (v. t.): Uttered with a relatively contracted opening of the mouth, as certain sounds of e and o in French, Italian, and German; -- opposed to open.

Fruit (v. t.): The spore cases or conceptacles of flowerless plants, as of ferns, mosses, algae, etc., with the spores contained in them.

Heck (n.): The bolt or latch of a door.

Jangle (v. i.): To quarrel in words; to altercate; to wrangle.

Misfare (n.): Misfortune.

Plowing (p. pr. & vb. n.): Of Plough

Porringer (n.): A porridge dish; esp., a bowl or cup from which children eat or are fed; as, a silver porringer.

Thave (n.): Same as Theave.

Veined (a.): Having fibrovascular threads extending throughout the lamina; as, a veined leaf.

Xenurine (n.): A cabassou.

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