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Adaptedness (n.): The state or quality of being adapted; suitableness; special fitness.

Appendage (n.): Something appended to, or accompanying, a principal or greater thing, though not necessary to it, as a portico to a house.

Assize (n.): Anything fixed or reduced to a certainty in point of time, number, quantity, quality, weight, measure, etc.; as, rent of assize.

Bourdon (n.): A drone bass, as in a bagpipe, or a hurdy-gurdy. See Burden (of a song.)

Crossnath (v. t.): To shade by means of crosshatching.

Distinction (n.): That which distinguishes one thing from another; distinguishing quality; sharply defined difference; as, the distinction between real and apparent good.

Embassies (pl. ): Of Embassy

Epidermis (v. t.): The outer, nonsensitive layer of the skin; cuticle; scarfskin. See Dermis.

Goitre (n.): An enlargement of the thyroid gland, on the anterior part of the neck; bronchocele. It is frequently associated with cretinism, and is most common in mountainous regions, especially in certain parts of Switzerland.

Homogamy (n.): The condition of being homogamous.

Omental (a.): Of or pertaining to an omentum or the omenta.

Questioned (imp. & p. p.): Of Question

Recure (v. t.): To be a cure for; to remedy.

Virago (n.): A woman of extraordinary stature, strength, and courage; a woman who has the robust body and masculine mind of a man; a female warrior.

Wrote (imp.): Of Write

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