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Architraved (a.): Furnished with an architrave.

Circumvolve (v. i.): To roll round; to revolve.

Claptrap (n.): A contrivance for clapping in theaters.

Discipless (n.): A female disciple.

Dooryard (n.): A yard in front of a house or around the door of a house.

Fall (v. t.): To diminish; to lessen or lower.

Niggle (v. t.): To trifle with; to deceive; to mock.

Outland (a.): Foreign; outlandish.

Picture (n.): The art of painting; representation by painting.

Saddleback (n.): The harp seal.

Saracenic (a.): Alt. of Saracenical

Scaffolding (n.): Materials for building scaffolds.

Sophistic (a.): Alt. of Sophistical

Thionine (n.): An artificial red or violet dyestuff consisting of a complex sulphur derivative of certain aromatic diamines, and obtained as a dark crystalline powder; -- called also phenylene violet.

Uninteressed (a.): Uninterested; unaffected.

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