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Meaning of Zairese

zairese means: of or relating to or characteristic of Zaire or its people

Meaning of Zairese monetary unit

zairese monetary unit means: monetary unit in Zaire

Meaning of Zakat

zakat means: the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship

Meaning of Zalcitabine

zalcitabine means: an antiviral drug used to combat HIV infection

Meaning of Zalophus

zalophus means: sea lions

Meaning of Zalophus californianus

zalophus californianus means: often trained as a show animal

Meaning of Zalophus californicus

zalophus californicus means: often trained as a show animal

Meaning of Zalophus lobatus

zalophus lobatus means: a variety of sea lion found in Australia

Meaning of Zama

zama means: the battle in 202 BC in which Scipio decisively defeated Hannibal at the end of the second Punic War

Meaning of Zaman

zaman means: large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and seed pods that are eaten by cattle

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Airplane pilot

airplane pilot means: someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight

Meaning of Ball hawk

ball hawk means: a team athlete who is skilled at stealing or catching the ball

Meaning of Black pudding

black pudding means: a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

Meaning of Bulimia

bulimia means: pathologically insatiable hunger (especially when caused by brain lesions)

Meaning of Bulimia

bulimia means: a disorder of eating seen among young women who go on eating binges and then feel guilt and depression and self-condemnation

Meaning of Cloaca

cloaca means: a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water

Meaning of Cloaca

cloaca means: (zoology) the cavity (in birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, and monotremes but not mammals) at the end of the digestive tract into which the intestinal, genital, and urinary tracts open

Meaning of Imperial moth

imperial moth means: large American moth having yellow wings with purplish or brownish markings; larvae feed on e.g. maple and pine trees

Meaning of Namby-pamby

namby-pamby means: an insipid weakling who is foolishly sentimental

Meaning of Namby-pamby

namby-pamby means: weak in willpower, courage or vitality

Meaning of Nonintellectual

nonintellectual means: not intellectual

Meaning of Nose candy

nose candy means: street names for cocaine

Meaning of Partisanship

partisanship means: an inclination to favor one group or view or opinion over alternatives

Meaning of Prostatic adenocarcinoma

prostatic adenocarcinoma means: cancer of the prostate gland

Meaning of Raf

raf means: a Marxist and Maoist terrorist organization in Germany; a network of underground guerillas who committed acts of violence in the service of the class struggle; a successor to the Baader-Meinhof Gang; became one of Europe's most feared terrorist groups; disbanded in 1998

Meaning of Raf

raf means: the airforce of Great Britain

Meaning of Real estate investment trust

real estate investment trust means: an investment trust that owns and manages a pool of commercial properties and mortgages and other real estate assets; shares can be bought and sold in the stock market

Meaning of Resettled

resettled means: settled in a new location

Meaning of Stinking iris

stinking iris means: iris with purple flowers and foul-smelling leaves; southern and western Europe and North Africa

Meaning of Storage allocation

storage allocation means: (computer science) the assignment of particular areas of a magnetic disk to particular data or instructions

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