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Meaning of Zero-coupon bond

zero-coupon bond means: a bond that is issued at a deep discount from its value at maturity and pays no interest during the life of the bond; the commonest form of zero-coupon security

Meaning of Zero-coupon security

zero-coupon security means: a security that makes no interest payments but instead is sold at a deep discount from its face value

Meaning of Zero-sum game

zero-sum game means: a game in which the total of all the gains and losses is zero

Meaning of Zero-tolerance policy

zero-tolerance policy means: any policy that allows no exception

Meaning of Zeroth

zeroth means: preceding even the first

Meaning of Zeroth law of thermodynamics

zeroth law of thermodynamics means: the law that if two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with a third body then the first two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with each other

Meaning of Zest

zest means: a tart spicy quality

Meaning of Zest

zest means: vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment

Meaning of Zest

zest means: add herbs or spices to

Meaning of Zestful

zestful means: marked by spirited enjoyment

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Anorexia

anorexia means: a prolonged disorder of eating due to loss of appetite

Meaning of Bond paper

bond paper means: a superior quality of strong durable white writing paper; originally made for printing documents

Meaning of Brazil

brazil means: three-sided tropical American nut with white oily meat and hard brown shell

Meaning of Brazil

brazil means: the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter

Meaning of Buteo jamaicensis

buteo jamaicensis means: dark brown American hawk species having a reddish-brown tail

Meaning of Eleocharis palustris

eleocharis palustris means: cylindrical-stemmed sedge

Meaning of Fiddlestick

fiddlestick means: a bow used in playing the violin

Meaning of Hard-and-fast

hard-and-fast means: (of rules) stringently enforced

Meaning of Hypnotize

hypnotize means: induce hypnosis in

Meaning of Litmus paper

litmus paper means: unsized paper treated with litmus for use as an acid-base indicator

Meaning of Malacca

malacca means: a cane made from the stem of a rattan palm

Meaning of Malacca

malacca means: the third smallest Malaysian state; located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula

Meaning of Malacca

malacca means: stem of the rattan palm used for making canes and umbrella handles

Meaning of Masculinization

masculinization means: the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female (usually as the result of hormone therapies or adrenal malfunction)

Meaning of Opaline

opaline means: having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

Meaning of Pandeism

pandeism means: the belief that God created the universe and its phenomena by becoming the universe, thereafter the sole manifestation of God

Meaning of Pathogen

pathogen means: any disease-producing agent (especially a virus or bacterium or other microorganism)

Meaning of Racketiness

racketiness means: the auditory effect characterized by loud and constant noise

Meaning of San francisco bay

san francisco bay means: a bay of the Pacific in western California

Meaning of Scalar

scalar means: a variable quantity that cannot be resolved into components

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