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Meaning of Zen buddhism

zen buddhism means: a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight

Meaning of Zen buddhism

zen buddhism means: school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith; China and Japan

Meaning of Zen buddhist

zen buddhist means: an adherent of the doctrines of Zen Buddhism

Meaning of Zenaidura

zenaidura means: mourning doves

Meaning of Zenaidura macroura

zenaidura macroura means: wild dove of the United States having a mournful call

Meaning of Zend

zend means: an ancient Iranian language

Meaning of Zend-avesta

zend-avesta means: a collection of Zoroastrian texts gathered during the 4th or 6th centuries

Meaning of Zenith

zenith means: the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected

Meaning of Zenithal

zenithal means: relating to or located at or near the zenith

Meaning of Zeno

zeno means: ancient Greek philosopher who founded the Stoic school (circa 335-263 BC)

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Meaning of Aran islands

aran islands means: three small islands belonging to Ireland at the entrance to Galway Bay

Meaning of Communicant

communicant means: a person entitled to receive Communion

Meaning of Crown gall

crown gall means: a bacterial disease of plants (especially pome and stone fruits and grapes and roses) which forms excrescences on the stem near the ground

Meaning of Diminuendo

diminuendo means: (music) a gradual decrease in loudness

Meaning of Diminuendo

diminuendo means: (music) gradually decreasing in volume

Meaning of Gambol

gambol means: gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement

Meaning of Gambol

gambol means: play boisterously

Meaning of Genus salvelinus

genus salvelinus means: brook trout

Meaning of Gibelike

gibelike means: abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule

Meaning of Ischia

ischia means: a volcanic island (part of Campania) in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the north end of the Bay of Naples

Meaning of Japanese barnyard millet

japanese barnyard millet means: coarse annual grass cultivated in Japan and southeastern Asia for its edible seeds and for forage; important wildlife food in United States

Meaning of Law of reciprocal proportions

law of reciprocal proportions means: (chemistry) law stating that the proportions in which two elements separately combine with a third element are also the proportions in which they combine together

Meaning of Madras

madras means: a light patterned cotton cloth

Meaning of Madras

madras means: a city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal; formerly Madras

Meaning of Madras

madras means: a state in southeastern India on the Bay of Bengal (south of Andhra Pradesh); formerly Madras

Meaning of Miami

miami means: a city and resort in southeastern Florida on Biscayne Bay; the best known city in Florida; a haven for retirees and a refuge for Cubans fleeing Castro

Meaning of Miami

miami means: a member of the extinct Algonquian people formerly living in northern Indiana and southern Michigan

Meaning of Pro-life faction

pro-life faction means: those who argue that induced abortion is killing and should be prohibited

Meaning of Propositional logic

propositional logic means: a branch of symbolic logic dealing with propositions as units and with their combinations and the connectives that relate them

Meaning of Reckless

reckless means: marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences

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