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Meaning of Yataghan

yataghan means: a long Turkish knife with a curved blade having a single edge

Meaning of Yatobyo

yatobyo means: a highly infectious disease of rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) and sometimes transmitted to humans by ticks or flies or by handling infected animals

Meaning of Yaup

yaup means: emit long loud cries

Meaning of Yaupon holly

yaupon holly means: an evergreen shrub

Meaning of Yautia

yautia means: tropical American aroid having edible tubers that are cooked and eaten like yams or potatoes

Meaning of Yavapai

yavapai means: the Yuman language spoken by the Yavapai

Meaning of Yavapai

yavapai means: a member of a North American Indian people of central Arizona

Meaning of Yaw

yaw means: an erratic deflection from an intended course

Meaning of Yaw

yaw means: swerve off course momentarily

Meaning of Yaw

yaw means: deviate erratically from a set course

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Allelomorph

allelomorph means: (genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character

Meaning of Bacteriophagic

bacteriophagic means: of or relating to bacteriophages

Meaning of Beer bottle

beer bottle means: a bottle that holds beer

Meaning of Briquette

briquette means: a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel

Meaning of Caliper

caliper means: an instrument for measuring the distance between two points (often used in the plural)

Meaning of Caliper

caliper means: measure the diameter of something with calipers

Meaning of Comical

comical means: arousing or provoking laughter

Meaning of Curtain call

curtain call means: an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience

Meaning of Estraterrestrial body

estraterrestrial body means: a natural object existing outside the earth and outside the earth's atmosphere

Meaning of Great year

great year means: time required for one complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, about 25,800 years

Meaning of Impracticability

impracticability means: the quality of not being usable

Meaning of Jazz musician

jazz musician means: a musician who plays or composes jazz music

Meaning of Meles

meles means: in some classifications: type genus of the subfamily Melinae

Meaning of Send away

send away means: terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position

Meaning of Send away

send away means: stop associating with

Meaning of Sharecrop farmer

sharecrop farmer means: small farmers and tenants

Meaning of Soundable

soundable means: (of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth

Meaning of Stun gun

stun gun means: a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock

Meaning of Subjectively

subjectively means: in a subjective way

Meaning of Tibia vara

tibia vara means: a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

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