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Meaning of Xenophon

xenophon means: Greek general and historian; student of Socrates (430-355 BC)

Meaning of Xenopodidae

xenopodidae means: in some classifications the family of the genus Xenopus which is otherwise included in the family Pipidae

Meaning of Xenopus

xenopus means: an African clawed frog; in some classifications made the type genus of a separate family Xenopodidae

Meaning of Xenopus laevis

xenopus laevis means: a tongueless frog native to Africa; established in the United States as result of release of laboratory and aquarium animals

Meaning of Xenorhyncus

xenorhyncus means: East Indian and Australian storks

Meaning of Xenorhyncus asiaticus

xenorhyncus asiaticus means: large mostly white Australian stork

Meaning of Xenosauridae

xenosauridae means: monotypic family of Mexican lizards

Meaning of Xenosaurus

xenosaurus means: type and sole genus of Xenosauridae: slender-bodied Mexican lizards having the upper surface covered with tiny granules and tubercles

Meaning of Xenotime

xenotime means: a brown-to-yellow mineral that is a phosphate of yttrium in crystalline form

Meaning of Xenotransplant

xenotransplant means: a surgical procedure in which tissue or whole organs are transfered from one species to another species

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Alkalinuria

alkalinuria means: a condition in which the urine (which is normally slightly acidic) is alkaline

Meaning of Alternative

alternative means: one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen

Meaning of Alternative

alternative means: necessitating a choice between mutually exclusive possibilities

Meaning of Alternative

alternative means: pertaining to unconventional choices

Meaning of Alternative

alternative means: serving or used in place of another

Meaning of Aralia

aralia means: any of various plants of the genus Aralia; often aromatic plants having compound leaves and small umbellate flowers

Meaning of Art nouveau

art nouveau means: a French school of art and architecture popular in the 1890s; characterized by stylized natural forms and sinuous outlines of such objects as leaves and vines and flowers

Meaning of Chyle

chyle means: a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats; formed in the small intestine during digestion of ingested fats

Meaning of Feast of lights

feast of lights means: (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC

Meaning of Fullerene

fullerene means: a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

Meaning of In use

in use means: (of facilities such as telephones or lavatories) unavailable for use by anyone else or indicating unavailability; (`engaged' is a British term for a busy telephone line)

Meaning of In use

in use means: currently being used

Meaning of Isoroku yamamoto

isoroku yamamoto means: Japanese admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 (1884-1943)

Meaning of Police car

police car means: a car in which policemen cruise the streets; equipped with radiotelephonic communications to headquarters

Meaning of Quag

quag means: a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot

Meaning of Riddance

riddance means: the act of forcing out someone or something

Meaning of Riddance

riddance means: the act of removing or getting rid of something

Meaning of Secondary school

secondary school means: a school for students intermediate between elementary school and college; usually grades 9 to 12

Meaning of Stand-in

stand-in means: someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)

Meaning of Suppuration

suppuration means: a fluid product of inflammation

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