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Meaning of Venezuela

venezuela means: a republic in northern South America on the Caribbean; achieved independence from Spain in 1811; rich in oil

Meaning of Venezuelan

venezuelan means: a native or inhabitant of Venezuela

Meaning of Venezuelan

venezuelan means: of or relating to or characteristic of Venezuela or its people

Meaning of Venezuelan monetary unit

venezuelan monetary unit means: monetary unit of Venezuela

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Chemical defense

chemical defense means: procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using chemical agents

Meaning of Conilurus

conilurus means: jerboa rats

Meaning of Controversialist

controversialist means: a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy

Meaning of Cum laude

cum laude means: with honor; with academic distinction

Meaning of Cum laude

cum laude means: with honor

Meaning of Decumaria barbara

decumaria barbara means: woody climber of southeastern United States having white flowers in compound terminal clusters

Meaning of Epistrophe

epistrophe means: repetition of the ends of two or more successive sentences, verses, etc.

Meaning of Ergonovine

ergonovine means: an alkaloid derived from ergot (trade name Ergotrate Maleate) that is less toxic than ergot; induces muscular contraction of the uterus and is administered after childbirth or abortion

Meaning of Firmament

firmament means: the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected

Meaning of Fox-trot

fox-trot means: a ballroom dance in quadruple time; combines short and long and fast and slow steps fixed sequences

Meaning of Imbrication

imbrication means: covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)

Meaning of Kiowa

kiowa means: the Tanoan language spoken by the Kiowa

Meaning of Kiowa

kiowa means: a member of a Tanoan people living in the southwestern United States

Meaning of Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

mucocutaneous leishmaniasis means: a form of leishmaniasis endemic in Mexico and Central American and South America; sores are limited to the skin and mucosa

Meaning of Odd man out

odd man out means: someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group

Meaning of Pain pill

pain pill means: a medicine used to relieve pain

Meaning of Shamefully

shamefully means: in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

Meaning of Stochastic process

stochastic process means: a statistical process involving a number of random variables depending on a variable parameter (which is usually time)

Meaning of Tablet-armed chair

tablet-armed chair means: a chair with an arm that has been widened for writing

Meaning of Tale

tale means: a trivial lie

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