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Meaning of Vaccina

vaccina means: a local infection induced in humans by inoculation with the virus causing cowpox in order to confer resistance to smallpox; normally lasts three weeks and leaves a pitted scar

Meaning of Vaccinate

vaccinate means: perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

Meaning of Vaccinated

vaccinated means: having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease

Meaning of Vaccinating

vaccinating means: the act of protecting against disease by introducing a vaccine into the body to induce immunity

Meaning of Vaccination

vaccination means: taking a vaccine as a precaution against contracting a disease

Meaning of Vaccination

vaccination means: the scar left following inoculation with a vaccine

Meaning of Vaccinator

vaccinator means: a medical practitioner who inoculates people against diseases

Meaning of Vaccine

vaccine means: immunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies

Meaning of Vaccinee

vaccinee means: a patient who has been vaccinated

Meaning of Vaccinia

vaccinia means: a viral disease of cattle causing a mild skin disease affecting the udder; formerly used to inoculate humans against smallpox

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Catatonic schizophrenia

catatonic schizophrenia means: a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods; the catatonia may give way to short periods of extreme excitement

Meaning of Center of curvature

center of curvature means: the center of the circle of curvature

Meaning of Codfish ball

codfish ball means: usually made of flaked salt cod and mashed potatoes

Meaning of Doyenne

doyenne means: a woman who is the senior member of a group

Meaning of Dutch clover

dutch clover means: creeping European clover having white to pink flowers and bright green leaves; naturalized in United States; widely grown for forage

Meaning of Eileen farrell

eileen farrell means: United States operatic soprano noted for the clarity and power of her voice (1920-2002)

Meaning of Glory pea

glory pea means: any of various shrubs or vines of the genus Clianthus having compound leaves and pea-like red flowers in drooping racemes

Meaning of Greatest common divisor

greatest common divisor means: the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers

Meaning of Idealist

idealist means: someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations

Meaning of Leotards

leotards means: skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls

Meaning of Luxury

luxury means: something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity

Meaning of Luxury

luxury means: the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

Meaning of Luxury

luxury means: wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

Meaning of Ninkhursag

ninkhursag means: the great mother goddess; worshipped also as Aruru and Mama and Nintu

Meaning of Rain cloud

rain cloud means: a dark grey cloud bearing rain

Meaning of Receiver-creditor relation

receiver-creditor relation means: the responsibility of receiver or trustee in bankruptcy to act in the best interests of the creditor

Meaning of Segway

segway means: (trademark) a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels; can operate in any level pedestrian environment

Meaning of Spokesperson

spokesperson means: an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose

Meaning of Suppliant

suppliant means: one praying humbly for something

Meaning of Suppliant

suppliant means: humbly entreating

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