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Meaning of Valise

valise means: a small overnight bag for short trips

Meaning of Valium

valium means: a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles; acts by enhancing the inhibitory actions of the neurotransmitter GABA; can also be used as an anticonvulsant drug in cases of nerve agent poisoning

Meaning of Valkyrie

valkyrie means: (Norse mythology) one of the maidens of Odin who chose heroes to be slain in battle and conducted them to Valhalla

Meaning of Valle d'aosta

valle d'aosta means: a region in northwestern Italy

Meaning of Vallecula

vallecula means: (anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part

Meaning of Valletta

valletta means: the capital of Malta; located on the northeastern coast of the island

Meaning of Valley

valley means: a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river

Meaning of Valley fever

valley fever means: an infection of the lungs and skin characterized by excessive sputum and nodules

Meaning of Valley girl

valley girl means: a girl who grew up in the tract housing in the San Fernando Valley

Meaning of Valley oak

valley oak means: tall graceful deciduous California oak having leathery leaves and slender pointed acorns

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Chase after

chase after means: go after with the intent to catch

Meaning of Chase after

chase after means: pursue someone sexually or romantically

Meaning of Chukchi peninsula

chukchi peninsula means: peninsula of northeastern Siberia across the Bering Strait from northwestern Alaska

Meaning of Crinkle

crinkle means: a slight depression or fold in the smoothness of a surface

Meaning of Crinkle

crinkle means: become wrinkled or crumpled or creased

Meaning of Crinkle

crinkle means: make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a pressed, folded or wrinkled line in; `crisp' is archaic

Meaning of Ductile

ductile means: capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out

Meaning of Ductile

ductile means: easily influenced

Meaning of False truffle

false truffle means: any of various fungi of the genus Scleroderma having hard-skinned subterranean fruiting bodies resembling truffles

Meaning of False truffle

false truffle means: any of various fungi of the family Rhizopogonaceae having subterranean fruiting bodies similar to the truffle

Meaning of Genus ictalurus

genus ictalurus means: channel catfishes

Meaning of Habenaria fimbriata

habenaria fimbriata means: North American orchid similar to Habenaria psycodes with larger paler flowers

Meaning of In a bad way

in a bad way means: facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty

Meaning of Infra

infra means: (in writing) at a later place

Meaning of Lie about

lie about means: hang around idly

Meaning of Lollop

lollop means: walk clumsily and with a bounce

Meaning of Malignment

malignment means: slanderous defamation

Meaning of Prunus cerasus

prunus cerasus means: rather small Eurasian tree producing red to black acid edible fruit

Meaning of Pulley

pulley means: a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of application of a force applied to the rope

Meaning of Roentgenographic

roentgenographic means: relating to or produced by roentgenography

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