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Meaning of Ukrainian

ukrainian means: of or relating to or characteristic of Ukraine or its people or culture

Meaning of Ukranian

ukranian means: a native or inhabitant of the Ukraine

Meaning of Ukranian monetary unit

ukranian monetary unit means: monetary unit in Ukraine

Meaning of Ukrayina

ukrayina means: a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century

Meaning of Ukulele

ukulele means: a small guitar having four strings

Meaning of Ulaanbaatar

ulaanbaatar means: the capital and largest city of Mongolia

Meaning of Ulalgia

ulalgia means: pain in the gums

Meaning of Ulama

ulama means: the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic community

Meaning of Ulan bator

ulan bator means: the capital and largest city of Mongolia

Meaning of Ulanova

ulanova means: Russian ballet dancer (1910-1998)

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Meaning of Amphiuma

amphiuma means: aquatic eel-shaped salamander having two pairs of very small feet; of still muddy waters in the southern United States

Meaning of Average cost

average cost means: total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

Meaning of Cheyne-stokes respiration

cheyne-stokes respiration means: abnormal respiration in which periods of shallow and deep breathing alternate

Meaning of Clean room

clean room means: a room that is virtually free of dust or bacteria; used in laboratory work and in assembly or repair of precision equipment

Meaning of Crappy

crappy means: very bad

Meaning of Explode a bombshell

explode a bombshell means: utter or do something surprising

Meaning of Forget-me-not

forget-me-not means: small perennial herb having bright blue or white flowers

Meaning of Genus torreya

genus torreya means: nutmeg-yews

Meaning of Induction heating

induction heating means: the heating of a conducting material caused by an electric current induced in it

Meaning of Kurta

kurta means: a loose collarless shirt worn by many people on the Indian subcontinent (usually with a salwar or churidars or pyjama)

Meaning of Little owl

little owl means: small European owl

Meaning of Noncyclical

noncyclical means: not cyclic

Meaning of Order therapsida

order therapsida means: extinct mammal-like reptiles found inhabiting all continents from the mid Permian to late Triassic

Meaning of Pay rate

pay rate means: amount of money received per unit time

Meaning of Phytohormone

phytohormone means: (botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone

Meaning of Reign of terror

reign of terror means: the historic period (1793-94) during the French Revolution when thousands were executed

Meaning of Reign of terror

reign of terror means: any period of brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror in France

Meaning of Sequestrate

sequestrate means: set apart from others

Meaning of Sequestrate

sequestrate means: keep away from others

Meaning of Truth quark

truth quark means: a hypothetical quark with a charge of +2/3 and a mass more than 100,000 times that of an electron

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