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Meaning of Ulna

ulna means: the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

Meaning of Ulnar

ulnar means: relating to or near the ulna

Meaning of Ulnar artery

ulnar artery means: large artery that branches from the brachial artery to supply the muscles of the forearm and wrist and hand

Meaning of Ulnar nerve

ulnar nerve means: a nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow; supplies intrinsic muscles of the hand and the skin of the medial side of the hand

Meaning of Ulnar vein

ulnar vein means: any of several veins of the forearm

Meaning of Ulrich zwingli

ulrich zwingli means: Swiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)

Meaning of Ulster

ulster means: loose long overcoat of heavy fabric; usually belted

Meaning of Ulster

ulster means: a historic division of Ireland located in the northeastern part of the island; six of Ulster's nine counties are in Northern Ireland

Meaning of Ulster defence association

ulster defence association means: the major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland; responsible for bombing the homes of Catholics and for criminal racketeering and selling drugs

Meaning of Ult

ult means: in or of the month preceding the present one

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Advisory service

advisory service means: a consulting service in which a CPA develops findings and conclusions and recommendations that are presented to the client for consideration and decision making

Meaning of Allium paradoxum

allium paradoxum means: leek producing bulbils instead of flowers; Russia and Iran

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: expel (gases or odors)

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: reach full flavor by absorbing air and being let to stand after having been uncorked

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: take a short break from one's activities in order to relax

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: manifest or evince

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: utter or tell

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: impart as if by breathing

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: be alive

Meaning of Breathe

breathe means: allow the passage of air through

Meaning of Cecropia peltata

cecropia peltata means: tropical American tree with large peltate leaves and hollow stems

Meaning of Ceratin

ceratin means: a fibrous scleroprotein that occurs in the outer layer of the skin and in horny tissues such as hair, feathers, nails, and hooves

Meaning of Circaea lutetiana

circaea lutetiana means: tall evening primrose with inconspicuous flowers

Meaning of Dyspnoeal

dyspnoeal means: not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty

Meaning of Genus centranthus

genus centranthus means: genus of southern European herbs and subshrubs

Meaning of Giorgio vasari

giorgio vasari means: Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)

Meaning of Incarcerate

incarcerate means: lock up or confine, in or as in a jail

Meaning of Miliaria

miliaria means: obstruction of the sweat ducts during high heat and humidity

Meaning of Nurse practitioner

nurse practitioner means: a registered nurse who has received special training and can perform many of the duties of a physician

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