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Meaning of Ullr

ullr means: (Norse mythology) one of the Aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis; son of Sif and stepson of Thor

Meaning of Ulmaceae

ulmaceae means: a dicot family of the order Urticales including: genera Ulmus, Celtis, Planera, Trema

Meaning of Ulmus

ulmus means: type genus of family Ulmaceae; deciduous trees having simple serrate leaves; widely distributed in temperate regions

Meaning of Ulmus alata

ulmus alata means: North American elm having twigs and young branches with prominent corky projections

Meaning of Ulmus americana

ulmus americana means: large ornamental tree with graceful gradually spreading branches common in eastern North America

Meaning of Ulmus campestris sarniensis

ulmus campestris sarniensis means: a variety of the English elm with erect branches and broader leaves

Meaning of Ulmus campestris wheatleyi

ulmus campestris wheatleyi means: a variety of the English elm with erect branches and broader leaves

Meaning of Ulmus carpinifolia

ulmus carpinifolia means: European elm with lustrous smooth leaves used as an ornamental

Meaning of Ulmus crassifolia

ulmus crassifolia means: elm of southern United States and Mexico having spreading pendulous corky branches

Meaning of Ulmus glabra

ulmus glabra means: Eurasian elm often planted as a shade tree

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Meaning of Bureaucracy

bureaucracy means: any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape

Meaning of Bureaucracy

bureaucracy means: a government that is administered primarily by bureaus that are staffed with nonelective officials

Meaning of Bureaucracy

bureaucracy means: nonelective government officials

Meaning of Butcher's broom

butcher's broom means: shrub with stiff flattened stems resembling leaves (cladophylls); used for making brooms

Meaning of Conveyance of title

conveyance of title means: act of transferring property title from one person to another

Meaning of Green soap

green soap means: a soft (or liquid) soap made from vegetable oils; used in certain skin diseases

Meaning of Grieving

grieving means: sorrowful through loss or deprivation

Meaning of Logicism

logicism means: (philosophy) the philosophical theory that all of mathematics can be derived from formal logic

Meaning of Lubricated

lubricated means: smeared with oil or grease to reduce friction

Meaning of Mastectomy

mastectomy means: surgical removal of a breast to remove a malignant tumor

Meaning of Monoblastic leukaemia

monoblastic leukaemia means: leukemia characterized by the proliferation of monocytes and monoblasts in the blood

Meaning of One-piece

one-piece means: (of clothing) consisting of or fashioned in a single whole piece

Meaning of Oxidised

oxidised means: combined with or having undergone a chemical reaction with oxygen

Meaning of Proofreader

proofreader means: someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections

Meaning of Protease inhibitor

protease inhibitor means: an antiviral drug used against HIV; interrupts HIV replication by binding and blocking HIV protease; often used in combination with other drugs

Meaning of Side-blotched lizard

side-blotched lizard means: one of the most abundant lizards in the arid western United States

Meaning of Sinclair lewis

sinclair lewis means: United States novelist who satirized middle-class America in his novel Main Street (1885-1951)

Meaning of Slack water

slack water means: the occurrence of relatively still water at the turn of the (low) tide

Meaning of Slack water

slack water means: a stretch of water without current or movement

Meaning of Small capital

small capital means: a character having the form of an upper-case letter but the same height as lower-case letters

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