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Meaning of Tachyglossus

tachyglossus means: type genus of the family Tachyglossidae

Meaning of Tachygraphy

tachygraphy means: a method of writing rapidly using an abbreviated symbolic system

Meaning of Tachylite

tachylite means: a basic or basalt glass

Meaning of Tachymeter

tachymeter means: a theodolite designed for rapid measurements

Meaning of Tachypleus

tachypleus means: a genus of Limulidae

Meaning of Tacit

tacit means: implied by or inferred from actions or statements

Meaning of Tacit consent

tacit consent means: (law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing

Meaning of Tacitly

tacitly means: in a tacit manner; by unexpressed agreement

Meaning of Taciturn

taciturn means: habitually reserved and uncommunicative

Meaning of Taciturnity

taciturnity means: the trait of being uncommunicative; not volunteering anything more than necessary

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Alaska fur seal

alaska fur seal means: of Pacific coast from Alaska southward to California

Meaning of Andesite

andesite means: a dark grey volcanic rock

Meaning of Cellular telephone

cellular telephone means: a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

Meaning of Coleridge

coleridge means: English romantic poet (1772-1834)

Meaning of Country club

country club means: a suburban club for recreation and socializing

Meaning of Crocolite

crocolite means: a rare lead chromite mineral that forms bright orange crystals

Meaning of Disavow

disavow means: refuse to acknowledge; disclaim knowledge of; responsibility for, or association with

Meaning of Erythroxylum

erythroxylum means: a large genus of South American shrubs and small trees of the family Erythroxylaceae

Meaning of Executive council

executive council means: a council that shares the supreme executive power

Meaning of Genus lysichiton

genus lysichiton means: skunk cabbage

Meaning of Gray whale

gray whale means: medium-sized greyish-black whale of the northern Pacific

Meaning of Hirudo

hirudo means: type genus of the family Hirudinidae

Meaning of Leopard lizard

leopard lizard means: any of several large lizards with many dark spots; of western United States and northern Mexico

Meaning of Nonexploratory

nonexploratory means: not exploratory

Meaning of Passerina

passerina means: a genus of small North American finches including the New World buntings

Meaning of Picea pungens

picea pungens means: tall spruce with blue-green needles and dense conic crown; older trees become columnar with lower branches sweeping downward

Meaning of Rest house

rest house means: a building used for shelter by travelers (especially in areas where there are no hotels)

Meaning of Sandwich board

sandwich board means: signboard consisting of two hinged boards that hang front and back from the shoulders of a walker and are used to display advertisements

Meaning of Solomons

solomons means: the northernmost islands are part of Papua New Guinea; the remainder form an independent state within the British Commonwealth

Meaning of Spoke

spoke means: one of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder

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