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Meaning of Sade

sade means: French soldier and writer whose descriptions of sexual perversion gave rise to the term `sadism' (1740-1814)

Meaning of Sadhe

sadhe means: the 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

Meaning of Sadhu

sadhu means: (Hinduism) an ascetic holy man

Meaning of Sadi carnot

sadi carnot means: French physicist who founded thermodynamics (1796-1832)

Meaning of Sadism

sadism means: sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting harm (physical or psychological) on others

Meaning of Sadist

sadist means: someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others

Meaning of Sadistic

sadistic means: deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from inflicting pain on another

Meaning of Sadleria

sadleria means: low tree ferns with large fronds; in rain forests and on lava flows of Hawaiian Islands

Meaning of Sadly

sadly means: in an unfortunate way

Meaning of Sadly

sadly means: in an unfortunate or deplorable manner

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Basinful

basinful means: the quantity that a basin will hold

Meaning of Comatoseness

comatoseness means: a state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness; usually the result of disease or injury

Meaning of Counterfeiter

counterfeiter means: someone who makes copies illegally

Meaning of Dukedom

dukedom means: the domain controlled by a duke or duchess

Meaning of Dukedom

dukedom means: the dignity or rank or position of a duke

Meaning of Evaporite

evaporite means: the sediment that is left after the evaporation of seawater

Meaning of Fragrant bedstraw

fragrant bedstraw means: Old World fragrant stoloniferous perennial having small white flowers and narrow leaves used as flavoring and in sachets; widely cultivated as a ground cover; in some classifications placed in genus Asperula

Meaning of Indiscreetness

indiscreetness means: lacking good judgment

Meaning of Lech after

lech after means: have a strong sexual desire for

Meaning of Opera cloak

opera cloak means: a large cloak worn over evening clothes

Meaning of Papillose

papillose means: of or relating to or resembling papilla

Meaning of Patent medicine

patent medicine means: medicine that is protected by a patent and available without a doctor's prescription

Meaning of Presbyterian church

presbyterian church means: the Protestant denomination adhering to the views of John Calvin

Meaning of Shiny lyonia

shiny lyonia means: showy evergreen shrub of southeastern United States with shiny leaves and angled branches and clusters of pink to reddish flowers that resemble an umbel

Meaning of Sidewinder

sidewinder means: small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States; body moves in an s-shaped curve

Meaning of Sidewinder

sidewinder means: air-to-air missile with infrared homing device

Meaning of Slime mold

slime mold means: a naked mass of protoplasm having characteristics of both plants and animals; sometimes classified as protoctists

Meaning of Soulfully

soulfully means: in a soulful manner

Meaning of Stack up

stack up means: arrange into piles or stacks

Meaning of Village

village means: a community of people smaller than a town

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