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Meaning of Sackcloth and ashes

sackcloth and ashes means: a display of extreme remorse or repentance or grief

Meaning of Sacked

sacked means: having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence

Meaning of Sackful

sackful means: the quantity contained in a sack

Meaning of Sacking

sacking means: the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)

Meaning of Sacking

sacking means: coarse fabric used for bags or sacks

Meaning of Saclant

saclant means: commanding officer of ACLANT; a general of the United States Army nominated by the President of the United States and approved by the North Atlantic Council

Meaning of Saclike

saclike means: shaped like a pouch

Meaning of Sacque

sacque means: a woman's full loose hiplength jacket

Meaning of Sacral

sacral means: of or relating to sacred rites

Meaning of Sacral

sacral means: of or relating to or near the sacrum

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Meaning of Arum maculatum

arum maculatum means: common European arum with lanceolate spathe and short purple spadix; emerges in early spring; source of a starch called arum

Meaning of Body temperature

body temperature means: temperature of the body; normally 98.6 F or 37 C in humans; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health

Meaning of Burgundy sauce

burgundy sauce means: reduced red wine with onions and parsley and thyme and butter

Meaning of Chylomicron

chylomicron means: a microscopic particle of triglycerides produced in the intestines during digestion; in the bloodstream they release their fatty acids into the blood

Meaning of Crown monkey

crown monkey means: Indian macaque with a bonnet-like tuft of hair

Meaning of Dama

dama means: fallow deer

Meaning of Dioxide

dioxide means: an oxide containing two atoms of oxygen in the molecule

Meaning of Federalist party

federalist party means: a major political party in the United States in the early 19th century; founded by Alexander Hamilton; favored a strong centralized government

Meaning of Fritz haber

fritz haber means: German chemist noted for the synthetic production of ammonia from the nitrogen in air (1868-1934)

Meaning of Idler

idler means: person who does no work

Meaning of Lithospermum caroliniense

lithospermum caroliniense means: perennial plant of eastern North America having hairy foliage yielding a red or yellow pigment

Meaning of Lust

lust means: self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins)

Meaning of Lust

lust means: a strong sexual desire

Meaning of Lust

lust means: have a craving, appetite, or great desire for

Meaning of Make fun

make fun means: subject to laughter or ridicule

Meaning of Ottava rima

ottava rima means: a stanza of eight lines of heroic verse with the rhyme scheme abababcc

Meaning of Paleontologist

paleontologist means: a specialist in paleontology

Meaning of Relax

relax means: cause to feel relaxed

Meaning of Relax

relax means: become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

Meaning of Relax

relax means: become loose or looser or less tight

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