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Meaning of Re

re means: the syllable naming the second (supertonic) note of any major scale in solmization

Meaning of Re

re means: ancient Egyptian sun god with the head of a hawk; a universal creator; he merged with the god Amen as Amen-Ra to become the king of the gods

Meaning of Re

re means: a rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some alloys; is obtained as a by-product in refining molybdenum

Meaning of Re-address

re-address means: put a new address on (an envelope), as for forwarding

Meaning of Re-afforest

re-afforest means: reestablish a forest after clear-cutting or fire, etc.

Meaning of Re-afforestation

re-afforestation means: the restoration (replanting) of a forest that had been reduced by fire or cutting

Meaning of Re-argue

re-argue means: argue again

Meaning of Re-arm

re-arm means: arm anew

Meaning of Re-assume

re-assume means: take on again, as after a time lapse

Meaning of Re-create

re-create means: form anew in the imagination; recollect and re-form in the mind

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Anorectic

anorectic means: a person suffering from anorexia nervosa

Meaning of Anorectic

anorectic means: causing loss of appetite

Meaning of Anorectic

anorectic means: suffering from anorexia nervosa; pathologically thin

Meaning of Bituminize

bituminize means: treat with bitumen

Meaning of Bordeaux mixture

bordeaux mixture means: antifungal agent consisting of a solution of copper sulphate and quicklime

Meaning of Bumper

bumper means: a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage

Meaning of Bumper

bumper means: a glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast)

Meaning of Coluber hippocrepis

coluber hippocrepis means: slender fast-moving Eurasian snake

Meaning of Edmund malone

edmund malone means: English scholar remembered for his chronology of Shakespeare's plays and his editions of Shakespeare and Dryden (1741-1812)

Meaning of Eightpence

eightpence means: a coin worth eight pennies

Meaning of Eumycota

eumycota means: true fungi; eukaryotic heterotrophic walled organisms; distinguished from Myxomycota (funguslike slime molds): comprises subdivisions Mastigomycotina; Zygomycotina; Ascomycotina; Basidiomycotina; Deuteromycotina (imperfect fungi)

Meaning of Indetermination

indetermination means: the quality of being vague and poorly defined

Meaning of Microorganism

microorganism means: any organism of microscopic size

Meaning of Poison pea

poison pea means: any of various Australian evergreen shrubs of the genus Gastrolobium having whorled compound leaves poisonous to livestock and showy yellow to deep reddish-orange flowers followed by two-seeded pods

Meaning of Protropin

protropin means: trade name of a synthetic human growth hormone given to children deficient in the hormone; use by athletes and weightlifters is banned

Meaning of Richard milhous nixon

richard milhous nixon means: vice president under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United States; resigned after the Watergate scandal in 1974 (1913-1994)

Meaning of Ricketiness

ricketiness means: the quality of not being steady or securely fixed in place

Meaning of Scotch fir

scotch fir means: medium large two-needled pine of northern Europe and Asia having flaking red-brown bark

Meaning of Shakti

shakti means: the female or generative principle; wife of Siva and a benevolent form of Devi

Meaning of Theatrical role

theatrical role means: an actor's portrayal of someone in a play

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