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Meaning of Racial discrimination

racial discrimination means: discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

Meaning of Racial extermination

racial extermination means: systematic killing of a racial or cultural group

Meaning of Racial immunity

racial immunity means: natural immunity shared by all members of a particular race

Meaning of Racial profiling

racial profiling means: a form of racism consisting of the (alleged) policy of policemen who stop and search vehicles driven by persons belonging to particular racial groups

Meaning of Racial segregation

racial segregation means: segregation by race

Meaning of Racialism

racialism means: discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

Meaning of Racialist

racialist means: a person with a prejudiced belief that one racial group is superior to others

Meaning of Racially

racially means: with respect to race

Meaning of Racily

racily means: in a racy manner

Meaning of Racine

racine means: a city in southeastern Wisconsin on Lake Michigan to the south of Milwaukee

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

agrobacterium tumefaciens means: the bacteria that produce crown gall disease in plants

Meaning of Coastguardsman

coastguardsman means: a member of a coastguard

Meaning of Confirmation hearing

confirmation hearing means: a hearing held by the US Senate to gather information on whether to approve or reject candidates for high federal office who are nominated by the president

Meaning of Cramped

cramped means: constricted in size

Meaning of Escape from

escape from means: get rid of

Meaning of Family sciaridae

family sciaridae means: fungus gnats

Meaning of Handleless

handleless means: having no handle

Meaning of Hydrozoan

hydrozoan means: colonial coelenterates having the polyp phase dominant

Meaning of Impregnate

impregnate means: make pregnant

Meaning of Impregnate

impregnate means: fertilize and cause to grow

Meaning of Impregnate

impregnate means: infuse or fill completely

Meaning of Impregnate

impregnate means: fill, as with a certain quality

Meaning of Leptopteris

leptopteris means: including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea

Meaning of Monoamine neurotransmitter

monoamine neurotransmitter means: a monoamine that is functionally important in neural transmission

Meaning of Paracelsus

paracelsus means: Swiss physician who introduced treatments of particular illnesses based on his observation and experience; he saw illness as having an external cause (rather than an imbalance of humors) and replaced traditional remedies with chemical remedies (1493-1541)

Meaning of Podocarpus totara

podocarpus totara means: valuable timber tree of New Zealand yielding hard reddish wood used for furniture and bridges and wharves

Meaning of Refresher course

refresher course means: a course that reviews and updates a topic for those who have not kept abreast of developments

Meaning of Restaurant

restaurant means: a building where people go to eat

Meaning of Soldier of fortune

soldier of fortune means: a person hired to fight for another country than their own

Meaning of Spearmint

spearmint means: common garden herb having clusters of small purplish flowers and yielding an oil used as a flavoring

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