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Meaning of Raceme

raceme means: usually elongate cluster of flowers along the main stem in which the flowers at the base open first

Meaning of Racemic acid

racemic acid means: the optically inactive form of tartaric acid that is often found in grape juice

Meaning of Racemose

racemose means: having stalked flowers along an elongated stem that continue to open in succession from below as the stem continues to grow

Meaning of Racer

racer means: slender fast-moving North American snakes

Meaning of Racer

racer means: an animal that races

Meaning of Racer

racer means: a fast car that competes in races

Meaning of Racer

racer means: someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

Meaning of Racerunner

racerunner means: very swift lizard of eastern and central United States

Meaning of Racetrack

racetrack means: a course over which races are run

Meaning of Racetrack tout

racetrack tout means: someone who offers advice about betting on horses (either to influence the odds or in the hope of sharing some of the winnings)

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Becalm

becalm means: make steady

Meaning of Black-footed ferret

black-footed ferret means: musteline mammal of prairie regions of United States; nearly extinct

Meaning of Caprimulgiform bird

caprimulgiform bird means: long-winged nonpasserine birds

Meaning of Chew up

chew up means: censure severely or angrily

Meaning of Cryptanalytic

cryptanalytic means: of or relating to cryptanalysis

Meaning of Cyclopterus lumpus

cyclopterus lumpus means: clumsy soft thick-bodied northern Atlantic fish with pelvic fins fused into a sucker; edible roe used for caviar

Meaning of Gelechiidae

gelechiidae means: important economic pests

Meaning of Genus pipturus

genus pipturus means: an Australian genus of woody plants of the family Urticaceae

Meaning of Genus tofieldia

genus tofieldia means: genus of perennial herbs of cool temperate regions; sometimes placed in family Melanthiaceae

Meaning of Hard coal

hard coal means: a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat

Meaning of Herman melville

herman melville means: United States writer of novels and short stories (1819-1891)

Meaning of Leviathan

leviathan means: monstrous sea creature symbolizing evil in the Old Testament

Meaning of Leviathan

leviathan means: the largest or most massive thing of its kind

Meaning of Malevolency

malevolency means: the quality of threatening evil

Meaning of Rotary international

rotary international means: a group of businessmen in a town organized as a service club and to promote world peace

Meaning of Shillelagh

shillelagh means: a cudgel made of hardwood (usually oak or blackthorn)

Meaning of Simon the canaanite

simon the canaanite means: one of the twelve Apostles (first century)

Meaning of Syllabic

syllabic means: (of speech sounds) forming the nucleus of a syllable

Meaning of Syllabic

syllabic means: consisting of a syllable or syllables

Meaning of Syllabic

syllabic means: (of verse) having lines based on number of syllables rather than on rhythmical arrangement of stresses or quantities

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