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Meaning of Qatari dirham

qatari dirham means: 100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar

Meaning of Qatari monetary unit

qatari monetary unit means: monetary unit in Qatar

Meaning of Qatari riyal

qatari riyal means: the basic unit of money in Qatar

Meaning of Qcd

qcd means: a theory of strong interactions between elementary particles (including the interaction that binds protons and neutrons in the nucleus); it assumes that strongly interacting particles (hadrons) are made of quarks and that gluons bind the quarks together

Meaning of Qed

qed means: a relativistic quantum theory of the electromagnetic interactions of photons and electrons and muons

Meaning of Qepiq

qepiq means: 100 qepiq equal 1 manat in Azerbaijan

Meaning of Qi

qi means: the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health

Meaning of Qiang

qiang means: the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Sichuan

Meaning of Qiangic

qiangic means: the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Sichuan

Meaning of Qibla

qibla means: a small terrorist group of Muslims in South Africa formed in the 1980s; was inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini to create an Islamic state in South Africa

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aboulic

aboulic means: suffering from abulia; showing abnormal inability to act or make decisions

Meaning of Belgium

belgium means: a monarchy in northwestern Europe; headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Meaning of Blunt-leaf heath

blunt-leaf heath means: small erect shrub of Australia and Tasmania with fragrant ivory flowers

Meaning of Bulbil

bulbil means: small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers

Meaning of Chlamydospore

chlamydospore means: thick-walled asexual resting spore of certain fungi and algae

Meaning of Claude achille debussy

claude achille debussy means: French composer who is said to have created Impressionism in music (1862-1918)

Meaning of Ejaculate

ejaculate means: the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract

Meaning of Ejaculate

ejaculate means: eject semen

Meaning of Ejaculate

ejaculate means: utter impulsively

Meaning of Exotropia

exotropia means: strabismus in which one or both eyes are directed outward

Meaning of Genus zinnia

genus zinnia means: genus of annual or perennial plants of tropical America having solitary heads of brightly colored flowers

Meaning of Leading astray

leading astray means: the act of enticing others into sinful ways

Meaning of Literary hack

literary hack means: a mediocre and disdained writer

Meaning of Lucy stone

lucy stone means: United States feminist and suffragist (1818-1893)

Meaning of Midweekly

midweekly means: occurring during the middle of the week

Meaning of Oil stain

oil stain means: a stain produced by oil

Meaning of Recondition

recondition means: bring into an improved condition

Meaning of Rottenness

rottenness means: the quality of rotting and becoming putrid

Meaning of Rottenness

rottenness means: in a state of progressive putrefaction

Meaning of Scale of measurement

scale of measurement means: an ordered reference standard

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