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Meaning of Obfuscate

obfuscate means: make obscure or unclear

Meaning of Obfuscation

obfuscation means: darkening or obscuring the sight of something

Meaning of Obfuscation

obfuscation means: the activity of obscuring people's understanding, leaving them baffled or bewildered

Meaning of Obfuscation

obfuscation means: confusion resulting from failure to understand

Meaning of Obi

obi means: a religious belief of African origin involving witchcraft and sorcery; practiced in parts of the West Indies and tropical Americas

Meaning of Obi

obi means: (West Indies) followers of a religious system involving witchcraft and sorcery

Meaning of Obidoxime chloride

obidoxime chloride means: a chloride used as an antidote for nerve gases such as sarin or VX

Meaning of Obiism

obiism means: belief in a kind of sorcery that originated in Africa and is practiced in the West Indies

Meaning of Obit

obit means: a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography

Meaning of Obiter dictum

obiter dictum means: an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Alarming

alarming means: frightening because of an awareness of danger

Meaning of Azt

azt means: an antiviral drug (trade name Retrovir) used in the treatment of AIDS; adverse side effects include liver damage and suppression of the bone marrow

Meaning of Bitter pecan

bitter pecan means: hickory of southern United States having many narrow leaflets and rather bitter nuts

Meaning of Centaurea

centaurea means: knapweed; star thistle

Meaning of Genus lithospermum

genus lithospermum means: annual or perennial herbaceous or shrubby plants; cosmopolitan except Australia

Meaning of George town

george town means: the capital of the Cayman Islands

Meaning of Jellyroll

jellyroll means: thin sheet of sponge cake spread with jelly and then rolled up to make a cylindrical cake

Meaning of Johann winckelmann

johann winckelmann means: German archaeologist and art historian said to be the father of archaeology (1717-1768)

Meaning of Misshapen

misshapen means: so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly

Meaning of Moreen

moreen means: a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains

Meaning of Newcomer

newcomer means: any new participant in some activity

Meaning of Newcomer

newcomer means: a recent arrival

Meaning of Nitrazepam

nitrazepam means: a hypnotic and sedative drug of the benzodiazepine type

Meaning of Poison ash

poison ash means: smooth American swamp shrub with pinnate leaves and greenish flowers followed by greenish white berries; yields an irritating oil

Meaning of Pseudoryx nghetinhensis

pseudoryx nghetinhensis means: cow-like creature with the glossy coat of a horse and the agility of a goat and the long horns of an antelope; characterized as a cow that lives the life of a goat

Meaning of Sanely

sanely means: in a sane or lucid manner

Meaning of Sanely

sanely means: with good sense or in a reasonable or intelligent manner

Meaning of Spanish moss

spanish moss means: dense festoons of greenish-grey hairlike flexuous strands anchored to tree trunks and branches by sparse wiry roots; southeastern United States and West Indies to South America

Meaning of Strong-boned

strong-boned means: having strong bones

Meaning of Sweet pepper plant

sweet pepper plant means: plant bearing large mild thick-walled usually bell-shaped fruits; the principal salad peppers

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