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Meaning of Narrow-leaved strap fern

narrow-leaved strap fern means: fern with shorter and narrower leaves than Florida strap fern; Florida to West Indies and Mexico and south to Argentina

Meaning of Narrow-leaved water plantain

narrow-leaved water plantain means: a variety of water plantain

Meaning of Narrow-leaved white-topped aster

narrow-leaved white-topped aster means: a variety of white-topped aster

Meaning of Narrow-minded

narrow-minded means: lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view

Meaning of Narrow-minded

narrow-minded means: rigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines

Meaning of Narrow-minded

narrow-minded means: capable of being shocked

Meaning of Narrow-mindedly

narrow-mindedly means: in a narrow-minded manner

Meaning of Narrow-mindedness

narrow-mindedness means: an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior

Meaning of Narrow-mouthed

narrow-mouthed means: having a narrow mouth

Meaning of Narrowboat

narrowboat means: a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals

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Meaning of Charr

charr means: any of several small trout-like fish of the genus Salvelinus

Meaning of Disa

disa means: a combat support agency in the Department of Defense responsible for developing and operating and supporting information systems to serve the needs of the President and the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Meaning of Disa

disa means: any orchid of the genus Disa; beautiful orchids with dark green leaves and usually hooded flowers; much prized as emblematic flowers in their native regions

Meaning of Family aleyrodidae

family aleyrodidae means: whiteflies

Meaning of Gainly

gainly means: graceful and pleasing

Meaning of Gelded

gelded means: (of a male animal) having the testicles removed

Meaning of Genus eucalyptus

genus eucalyptus means: tall trees native to the Australian region; source of timber and medicinal oils from the aromatic leaves

Meaning of Harlequinade

harlequinade means: acting like a clown or buffoon

Meaning of Kenya fever

kenya fever means: a disease (common in India and around the Mediterranean area) caused by a rickettsia that is transmitted to humans by a reddish brown tick (ixodid) that lives on dogs and other mammals

Meaning of Myrmecophilous

myrmecophilous means: living symbiotically with ants

Meaning of Pipe bomb

pipe bomb means: a small homemade bomb usually contained in a metal pipe

Meaning of Queer duck

queer duck means: someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group

Meaning of Right of privacy

right of privacy means: a legal right (not explicitly provided in the United States Constitution) to be left alone; the right to live life free from unwarranted publicity

Meaning of Roast beef plant

roast beef plant means: iris with purple flowers and foul-smelling leaves; southern and western Europe and North Africa

Meaning of Saussurea

saussurea means: genus of herbs of temperate and cool regions of Eurasia

Meaning of Sea tangle

sea tangle means: any of various kelps especially of the genus Laminaria

Meaning of Sewing-machine stitch

sewing-machine stitch means: a sewing stitch made by a sewing machine, sometimes using more than one thread

Meaning of Sima

sima means: rock that form the continuous lower layer of the earth's crust; rich in silicon and magnesium

Meaning of Steamroller

steamroller means: vehicle equipped with heavy wide smooth rollers for compacting roads and pavements

Meaning of Steamroller

steamroller means: a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way

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