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Meaning of Narrow-body

narrow-body means: a commercial airliner with a single aisle

Meaning of Narrow-body aircraft

narrow-body aircraft means: a commercial airliner with a single aisle

Meaning of Narrow-leaf cattail

narrow-leaf cattail means: reed maces of America, Europe, North Africa, Asia

Meaning of Narrow-leaf penstemon

narrow-leaf penstemon means: plant having small narrow leaves and blue-violet flowers in long open clusters; Utah and Colorado to New Mexico and Arizona

Meaning of Narrow-leaved bottletree

narrow-leaved bottletree means: large tree of Queensland having cream-colored flowers blotched with red inside; sometimes placed in genus Sterculia

Meaning of Narrow-leaved everlasting pea

narrow-leaved everlasting pea means: European perennial with mottled flowers of purple and pink; sometimes cultivated for fodder or as green manure

Meaning of Narrow-leaved flame flower

narrow-leaved flame flower means: similar to Talinum aurantiacum but with narrower leaves and yellow-orange flowers; southwestern United States

Meaning of Narrow-leaved plantain

narrow-leaved plantain means: an Old World plantain with long narrow ribbed leaves widely established in temperate regions

Meaning of Narrow-leaved reedmace

narrow-leaved reedmace means: reed maces of America, Europe, North Africa, Asia

Meaning of Narrow-leaved spleenwort

narrow-leaved spleenwort means: North American fern with narrow fronds on yellowish leafstalks

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Auto mechanics

auto mechanics means: the craft of building and repairing automobiles

Meaning of Biological warfare defence

biological warfare defence means: defense against biological warfare

Meaning of Biont

biont means: a discrete unit of living matter

Meaning of Black forest

black forest means: a hilly forest region in southwestern Germany

Meaning of Capital of syria

capital of syria means: an ancient city (widely regarded as the world's oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria; according to the New Testament, the Apostle Paul (then known as Saul) underwent a dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus

Meaning of Catabolic

catabolic means: characterized by destructive metabolism

Meaning of Catabolic

catabolic means: relating to or characterized by catabolism

Meaning of Gall-berry

gall-berry means: evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berries

Meaning of Helvella sulcata

helvella sulcata means: a helvella with an irregularly convoluted cap that is dark brown when young and becomes dull grey with age; the lower surface of the cap is smooth and pale grey; the stalk is thick and deeply fluted

Meaning of Letup

letup means: a pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished

Meaning of Masonite

masonite means: a type of fiberboard

Meaning of Mephobarbital

mephobarbital means: a long-acting crystalline barbiturate (trade name Mebaral) used as a sedative and as an anticonvulsant in the treatment of epilepsy

Meaning of Millerite

millerite means: a yellow mineral consisting of nickel sulfide; a minor source of nickel

Meaning of Musclebuilder

musclebuilder means: someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature

Meaning of Petersburg

petersburg means: the final campaign of the American Civil War (1864-65); Union forces under Grant besieged and finally defeated Confederate forces under Lee

Meaning of Petersburg

petersburg means: a town in southeastern Virginia (south of Richmond); scene of heavy fighting during the American Civil War

Meaning of Pignut

pignut means: an American hickory tree having bitter nuts

Meaning of Skid

skid means: an unexpected slide

Meaning of Skid

skid means: a restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation

Meaning of Skid

skid means: one of a pair of planks used to make a track for rolling or sliding objects

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