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Meaning of Laboured

laboured means: lacking natural ease

Meaning of Labourer

labourer means: someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor

Meaning of Labouring

labouring means: doing arduous or unpleasant work

Meaning of Labourite

labourite means: a member of the British Labour Party

Meaning of Laboursaving

laboursaving means: designed to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor

Meaning of Labrador

labrador means: the mainland part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the eastern part of the large Labrador-Ungava Peninsula in northeastern Canada

Meaning of Labrador peninsula

labrador peninsula means: a peninsular region of eastern Canada between Hudson Bay and the Labrador Sea; contains most of Quebec and the mainland part of Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Labrador retriever

labrador retriever means: breed originally from Labrador having a short black or golden-brown coat

Meaning of Labrador sea

labrador sea means: an arm of the northern Atlantic between Labrador and southern Greenland

Meaning of Labrador tea

labrador tea means: evergreen shrub of eastern North America having white or creamy bell-shaped flowers and dark green hairy leaves used for tea during American Revolution

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Arthropodan

arthropodan means: of or relating to invertebrates of the phylum Arthropoda

Meaning of Bradley's spleenwort

bradley's spleenwort means: a spleenwort of eastern to southern United States

Meaning of Cliche

cliche means: a trite or obvious remark

Meaning of Co-vary

co-vary means: vary in the same time period (of two random variables)

Meaning of Evaporated

evaporated means: drawn off in the form of vapor

Meaning of Gammon

gammon means: hind portion of a side of bacon

Meaning of Gammon

gammon means: meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)

Meaning of Larger

larger means: large or big relative to something else

Meaning of On hand

on hand means: readily available

Meaning of Orchard

orchard means: garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth

Meaning of Overcultivate

overcultivate means: to exhaust by excessive cultivation

Meaning of Pas de quatre

pas de quatre means: (ballet) a dance for four people

Meaning of Reduviid

reduviid means: a true bug: long-legged predacious bug living mostly on other insects; a few suck blood of mammals

Meaning of Retral

retral means: at or near or toward the posterior

Meaning of Retral

retral means: moving or directed or tending in a backward direction or contrary to a previous direction

Meaning of Sperm

sperm means: the male reproductive cell; the male gamete

Meaning of Stenotaphrum secundatum

stenotaphrum secundatum means: low mat-forming grass of southern United States and tropical America; grown as a lawn grass

Meaning of Supreme being

supreme being means: the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions

Meaning of Tom hanks

tom hanks means: United States film actor (born in 1956)

Meaning of Trogoniformes

trogoniformes means: trogons

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