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Meaning of Kandinsky

kandinsky means: Russian painter who was a pioneer of abstract art (1866-1944)

Meaning of Kandy

kandy means: a city of central Sri Lanka that was the last capital of the ancient kings of Ceylon; a resort and religious center

Meaning of Kangaroo

kangaroo means: any of several herbivorous leaping marsupials of Australia and New Guinea having large powerful hind legs and a long thick tail

Meaning of Kangaroo apple

kangaroo apple means: Australian annual sometimes cultivated for its racemes of purple flowers and edible yellow egg-shaped fruit

Meaning of Kangaroo bear

kangaroo bear means: sluggish tailless Australian arboreal marsupial with grey furry ears and coat; feeds on eucalyptus leaves and bark

Meaning of Kangaroo court

kangaroo court means: an irregular unauthorized court

Meaning of Kangaroo hare

kangaroo hare means: small Australian wallaby that resembles a hare and has persistent teeth

Meaning of Kangaroo jerboa

kangaroo jerboa means: brush-tailed rat kangaroo

Meaning of Kangaroo mouse

kangaroo mouse means: leaping rodent of Australian desert areas

Meaning of Kangaroo mouse

kangaroo mouse means: small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to but smaller than kangaroo rats

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Meaning of Facetiously

facetiously means: not seriously

Meaning of Fatherland

fatherland means: the country where you were born

Meaning of Gipsywort

gipsywort means: hairy Eurasian herb with two-lipped white flowers

Meaning of Gloweringly

gloweringly means: in a glowering manner

Meaning of Jitters

jitters means: extreme nervousness

Meaning of Kekule

kekule means: German chemist remembered for his discovery of the ring structure of benzene (1829-1896)

Meaning of Land reform

land reform means: a redistribution of agricultural land (especially by government action)

Meaning of Outreach

outreach means: the act of reaching out

Meaning of Perdurable

perdurable means: very long lasting

Meaning of Praxiteles

praxiteles means: ancient Greek sculptor (circa 370-330 BC)

Meaning of Reddish

reddish means: of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

Meaning of Reef knot

reef knot means: a square knot used in a reef line

Meaning of Reproductive structure

reproductive structure means: the parts of a plant involved in its reproduction

Meaning of Schlumbergera truncatus

schlumbergera truncatus means: South American jointed cactus with usually red flowers; often cultivated as a houseplant; sometimes classified as genus Schlumbergera

Meaning of Short temper

short temper means: a feeling of resentful anger

Meaning of Tawny eagle

tawny eagle means: brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asia

Meaning of Tientsin

tientsin means: a major industrial center in northeastern China on the Grand Canal near the Yellow Sea; 3rd largest city in China

Meaning of Unofficial

unofficial means: not having official authority or sanction

Meaning of Unofficial

unofficial means: not officially established

Meaning of Wood-fern

wood-fern means: any of various ferns of the genus Dryopteris

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