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Meaning of Kampala

kampala means: the capital and largest city of Uganda on the north shore of Lake Victoria

Meaning of Kampong

kampong means: a native village in Malaysia

Meaning of Kampuchea

kampuchea means: a nation in southeastern Asia; was part of Indochina under French rule until 1946

Meaning of Kampuchean

kampuchean means: a native or inhabitant of Cambodia

Meaning of Kampuchean

kampuchean means: of or relating to or characteristic of Cambodia or its people or language

Meaning of Kan river

kan river means: a river in southeastern China that flows generally north into the Chang Jiang to the north of Nanchang

Meaning of Kan.

kan. means: a state in midwestern United States

Meaning of Kanaf

kanaf means: valuable fiber plant of East Indies now widespread in cultivation

Meaning of Kanamycin

kanamycin means: antibiotic (trade name Kantrex) used to treat severe infections

Meaning of Kananga

kananga means: a city in southwestern Congo; former name (until 1966) was Luluabourg

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Anigozanthus

anigozanthus means: genus of monocotyledonous plants with curious woolly flowers on sturdy stems above a fan of sword-shaped leaves; includes kangaroo's paw and Australian sword lily; sometimes placed in family Amaryllidaceae

Meaning of Biform

biform means: having or combining two forms

Meaning of Blacksmith

blacksmith means: a smith who forges and shapes iron with a hammer and anvil

Meaning of Blue walleye

blue walleye means: variety inhabiting the Great Lakes

Meaning of Bratty

bratty means: (used of an ill-mannered child) impolitely unruly

Meaning of Haired

haired means: having or covered with hair

Meaning of Hood latch

hood latch means: a catch that holds the hood of a car shut

Meaning of Italian clover

italian clover means: southern European annual with spiky heads of crimson flower; extensively cultivated in United States for forage

Meaning of Jury box

jury box means: an enclosure within a courtroom for the jury

Meaning of Land area

land area means: an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming)

Meaning of Nonconformist

nonconformist means: someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct

Meaning of Nonconformist

nonconformist means: a Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England

Meaning of Nonconformist

nonconformist means: not conforming to some norm or socially approved pattern of behavior or thought

Meaning of Nonconformist

nonconformist means: not conforming to established customs or doctrines especially in religion

Meaning of Nosewheel

nosewheel means: a wheel located under the nose of an airplane that is part of the plane's landing gear

Meaning of Operationalism

operationalism means: (philosophy) the doctrine that the meaning of a proposition consists of the operations involved in proving or applying it

Meaning of Ouranopithecus

ouranopithecus means: a genus of Hominidae

Meaning of Picture window

picture window means: a large window with a single pane (usually overlooking a view)

Meaning of Roseate spoonbill

roseate spoonbill means: tropical rose-colored New World spoonbill

Meaning of Rwanda

rwanda means: a landlocked republic in central Africa; formerly a German colony

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