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Meaning of Icterus

icterus means: type genus of the Icteridae

Meaning of Icterus

icterus means: yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes caused by an accumulation of bile pigment (bilirubin) in the blood; can be a symptom of gallstones or liver infection or anemia

Meaning of Icterus galbula

icterus galbula means: a kind of New World oriole

Meaning of Icterus galbula bullockii

icterus galbula bullockii means: western subspecies of northern oriole

Meaning of Icterus galbula galbula

icterus galbula galbula means: eastern subspecies of northern oriole

Meaning of Icterus neonatorum

icterus neonatorum means: yellowish appearance in newborn infants; usually subsides spontaneously

Meaning of Icterus spurius

icterus spurius means: the male is chestnut-and-black

Meaning of Ictic

ictic means: of or relating to a seizure or convulsion

Meaning of Ictiobus

ictiobus means: buffalo fishes

Meaning of Ictiobus niger

ictiobus niger means: fish of the lower Mississippi

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Meaning of Amylum

amylum means: a complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stem pith of plants, notably in corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice; an important foodstuff and used otherwise especially in adhesives and as fillers and stiffeners for paper and textiles

Meaning of Basketball play

basketball play means: a play executed by a basketball team

Meaning of Belles lettres

belles lettres means: creative writing valued for esthetic content

Meaning of Brushwork

brushwork means: an artist's distinctive technique of applying paint with a brush

Meaning of Bursitis

bursitis means: inflammation of a bursa; frequently in the shoulder

Meaning of Chamois

chamois means: hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia having upright horns with backward-hooked tips

Meaning of Chamois

chamois means: a soft suede leather formerly from the skin of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin

Meaning of Circassian walnut

circassian walnut means: Eurasian walnut valued for its large edible nut and its hard richly figured wood; widely cultivated

Meaning of Cut of lamb

cut of lamb means: cut of meat from a lamb

Meaning of Death toll

death toll means: the number of deaths resulting from some particular cause such as an accident or a battle or a natural disaster

Meaning of Exploitative

exploitative means: tending to exploit or make use of

Meaning of Future date

future date means: a particular day in the future that is specified as the time something will happen

Meaning of Geranium maculatum

geranium maculatum means: common wild geranium of eastern North America with deeply parted leaves and rose-purple flowers

Meaning of Gopherus

gopherus means: gopher tortoises

Meaning of Jujube

jujube means: chewy fruit-flavored jellied candy (sometimes medicated to soothe a sore throat)

Meaning of Jujube

jujube means: dark red plumlike fruit of Old World buckthorn trees

Meaning of Jujube

jujube means: spiny tree having dark red edible fruits

Meaning of Lesquerella

lesquerella means: genus of low-growing hairy herbs: bladderpods

Meaning of Mourner

mourner means: a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died)

Meaning of Prunus amygdalus

prunus amygdalus means: small bushy deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa having pretty pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts enclosed in a hard green hull; cultivated in southern Australia and California

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