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Meaning of Ice crystal

ice crystal means: small crystals of ice

Meaning of Ice cube

ice cube means: a small cube of artificial ice; used for cooling drinks

Meaning of Ice field

ice field means: a large flat mass of ice (larger than an ice floe) floating at sea

Meaning of Ice floe

ice floe means: a flat mass of ice (smaller than an ice field) floating at sea

Meaning of Ice fog

ice fog means: a dense winter fog containing ice particles

Meaning of Ice hockey

ice hockey means: a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents' goal with angled hockey sticks

Meaning of Ice hockey rink

ice hockey rink means: an ice rink for playing ice hockey

Meaning of Ice lolly

ice lolly means: ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

Meaning of Ice machine

ice machine means: an electric refrigerator to supply ice cubes

Meaning of Ice maker

ice maker means: an appliance included in some electric refrigerators for making ice cubes

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Allium paradoxum

allium paradoxum means: leek producing bulbils instead of flowers; Russia and Iran

Meaning of Cuff

cuff means: the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg

Meaning of Cuff

cuff means: shackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs

Meaning of Cuff

cuff means: confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs

Meaning of Cuff

cuff means: hit with the hand

Meaning of Dark-blue

dark-blue means: of a dark shade of blue

Meaning of Embiotocidae

embiotocidae means: viviparous percoid fishes comprising the surf fishes

Meaning of Genus cyclops

genus cyclops means: copepod water fleas

Meaning of Hexameter

hexameter means: a verse line having six metrical feet

Meaning of High fidelity

high fidelity means: the reproduction of sound with little or no distortion

Meaning of Icu

icu means: a hospital unit staffed and equipped to provide intensive care

Meaning of Nates

nates means: the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

Meaning of Octal numeration system

octal numeration system means: a positional system of numeration that uses octal digits and a radix of eight

Meaning of Platysma

platysma means: either of two broad muscles located on either side of the neck and innervated by the facial nerve; extends from lower jaw to clavicle and is involved in moving the mouth and jaw

Meaning of Quadruped

quadruped means: an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking

Meaning of Quadruped

quadruped means: having four feet

Meaning of Quantized

quantized means: of or relating to a quantum or capable of existing in only one of two states

Meaning of Sputum smear

sputum smear means: any of several cytologic smears obtained from different parts of the lower respiratory tract; used for cytologic study of cancer and other diseases of the lungs

Meaning of Symbion pandora

symbion pandora means: only known species of Cycliophora; lives symbiotically attached to a lobster's lip by an adhesive disk and feeding by means of a hairy mouth ring; its complex life cycle includes asexual and sexual phases

Meaning of Thessalonian

thessalonian means: a native or inhabitant of Thessalonica

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