Words starting with genusleptoglossus

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Acute schizophrenic episode

acute schizophrenic episode means: schizophrenia of abrupt onset and relatively short duration (a few weeks or months)

Meaning of Callistephus chinensis

callistephus chinensis means: valued for their beautiful flowers in a wide range of clear bright colors; grown primarily for cutting

Meaning of Carbon tetrahalide

carbon tetrahalide means: compounds composed of 1 carbon and 4 halogen molecules

Meaning of Diaz

diaz means: Portuguese explorer who in 1488 was the first European to get round the Cape of Good Hope (thus establishing a sea route from the Atlantic to Asia) (1450-1500)

Meaning of East malaysia

east malaysia means: the part of Malaysia that is on the island of Borneo

Meaning of Ethylene

ethylene means: a flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic

Meaning of Free spirit

free spirit means: someone acting freely or even irresponsibly

Meaning of Great indian desert

great indian desert means: a desert to the east of the Indus River in northwestern India and southeastern Pakistan

Meaning of In the meantime

in the meantime means: during the intervening time

Meaning of Kore

kore means: (Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter; made queen of the underworld by Pluto in ancient mythology; identified with Roman Proserpina

Meaning of Millionfold

millionfold means: by a factor of a million

Meaning of Muniments

muniments means: deeds and other documentary evidence of title to land

Meaning of Parmesan

parmesan means: hard dry sharp-flavored Italian cheese; often grated

Meaning of Santiago de los caballeros

santiago de los caballeros means: city in the northern Dominican Republic

Meaning of Sauterne

sauterne means: semisweet golden-colored table or dessert wine from around Bordeaux in France; similar wine from California

Meaning of Skateboard

skateboard means: a board with wheels that is ridden in a standing or crouching position and propelled by foot

Meaning of Skateboard

skateboard means: ride on a flat board with rollers attached to the bottom

Meaning of Southeast by south

southeast by south means: the compass point that is one point south of southeast

Meaning of Subgenus poinciana

subgenus poinciana means: small subgenus of ornamental tropical shrubs or trees; not recognized in some classifications

Meaning of Wakeful

wakeful means: carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger

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