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Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Bari

bari means: capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast

Meaning of Chronic gastritis

chronic gastritis means: persistent gastritis can be a symptom of a gastric ulcer or pernicious anemia or stomach cancer or other disorders

Meaning of Cu

cu means: a ductile malleable reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metallic element; occurs in various minerals but is the only metal that occurs abundantly in large masses; used as an electrical and thermal conductor

Meaning of Depicting

depicting means: a representation by picture or portraiture

Meaning of Eyeglass wearer

eyeglass wearer means: a person who wears spectacles in order to see better

Meaning of Family polygonaceae

family polygonaceae means: a family of plants of order Polygonales chiefly of the north temperate zone; includes the buckwheats

Meaning of Fulgurous

fulgurous means: amazingly impressive; suggestive of the flashing of lightning

Meaning of Heat exhaustion

heat exhaustion means: a condition marked by dizziness and nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes

Meaning of Heavenward

heavenward means: directed toward heaven or the sky

Meaning of Heavenward

heavenward means: toward heaven

Meaning of Hook shot

hook shot means: a basketball shot made over the head with the hand that is farther from the basket

Meaning of Indirectly

indirectly means: not in a forthright manner

Meaning of Iridaceous plant

iridaceous plant means: any bulbous plant of the family Iridaceae

Meaning of Katsuwonus pelamis

katsuwonus pelamis means: fish whose flesh is dried and flaked for Japanese cookery; may be same species as skipjack tuna

Meaning of Meteorology

meteorology means: the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere (especially weather)

Meaning of Meteorology

meteorology means: predicting what the weather will be

Meaning of Nomia

nomia means: a genus of bee; some are important pollinators of legumes

Meaning of Period of play

period of play means: (in games or plays or other performances) the time during which play proceeds

Meaning of Recommence

recommence means: begin again

Meaning of Recommence

recommence means: cause to start anew

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