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Meaning of Galactagogue

galactagogue means: agent that induces milk secretion

Meaning of Galactic

galactic means: inconceivably large

Meaning of Galactic

galactic means: of or relating to a galaxy (especially our galaxy the Milky Way)

Meaning of Galactocele

galactocele means: a cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance (especially in the mammary glands)

Meaning of Galactose

galactose means: a simple sugar found in lactose

Meaning of Galactosemia

galactosemia means: a genetic disease (autosomal recessive) in which an enzyme needed to metabolize galactose is deficient or absent; typically develops shortly after birth

Meaning of Galactosis

galactosis means: the secretion of milk

Meaning of Galago

galago means: agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

Meaning of Galahad

galahad means: (Arthurian legend) the most virtuous knight of the Round Table; was able to see the Holy Grail

Meaning of Galan

galan means: a mountain peak in the Andes in Argentina (21,654 feet high)

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Astor

astor means: United States capitalist (born in Germany) who made a fortune in fur trading (1763-1848)

Meaning of Astor

astor means: British politician (born in the United States) who was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons (1879-1964)

Meaning of Biaxal

biaxal means: having two axes

Meaning of Center field

center field means: the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is expected to field balls in the central third of the outfield

Meaning of Center field

center field means: the piece of ground in the outfield directly ahead of the catcher

Meaning of Enterprisingly

enterprisingly means: in an enterprising manner

Meaning of Eternal sleep

eternal sleep means: euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)

Meaning of Genista

genista means: chiefly deciduous shrubs or small trees of Mediterranean area and western Asia: broom

Meaning of Genus phthorimaea

genus phthorimaea means: potato moths

Meaning of Gossamer

gossamer means: filaments from a web that was spun by a spider

Meaning of Gossamer

gossamer means: a gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture

Meaning of Gossamer

gossamer means: characterized by unusual lightness and delicacy

Meaning of Gossamer

gossamer means: so thin as to transmit light

Meaning of Groyne

groyne means: a protective structure of stone or concrete; extends from shore into the water to prevent a beach from washing away

Meaning of Hypanthium

hypanthium means: the cuplike or ringlike or tubular structure of a flower which bears the sepals and stamens and calyx (as in Rosaceae)

Meaning of Lag bolt

lag bolt means: a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench

Meaning of Life story

life story means: an account of the series of events making up a person's life

Meaning of Mineral water

mineral water means: water naturally or artificially impregnated with mineral salts or gasses; often effervescent; often used therapeutically

Meaning of Not to mention

not to mention means: much less

Meaning of Nuclear rna

nuclear rna means: ribonucleic acid found in the nucleolus of the cell

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