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Meaning of Gain

gain means: obtain

Meaning of Gain ground

gain ground means: obtain advantages, such as points, etc.

Meaning of Gain vigor

gain vigor means: gain or regain energy

Meaning of Gainer

gainer means: a dive in which the diver throws the feet forward to complete a full backward somersault and enters the water feet first and facing away from the diving board

Meaning of Gainer

gainer means: a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits)

Meaning of Gainer

gainer means: a person who gains weight

Meaning of Gainesville

gainesville means: a university town in north central Florida

Meaning of Gainful

gainful means: yielding a fair profit

Meaning of Gainfully

gainfully means: in a gainful way

Meaning of Gainfulness

gainfulness means: the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Anapsid

anapsid means: primitive reptile having no opening in the temporal region of the skull; all extinct except turtles

Meaning of Artifact

artifact means: a man-made object taken as a whole

Meaning of Autoeroticism

autoeroticism means: using you own body as a sexual object

Meaning of Awarding

awarding means: a grant made by a law court

Meaning of Discomycete

discomycete means: any fungus that is a member of the subclass Discomycetes

Meaning of Fly casting

fly casting means: casting an artificial fly as a lure

Meaning of Guts

guts means: fortitude and determination

Meaning of Hundred-and-forty-fifth

hundred-and-forty-fifth means: the ordinal number of one hundred forty-five in counting order

Meaning of Mubarak

mubarak means: Egyptian statesman who became president in 1981 after Sadat was assassinated (born in 1929)

Meaning of Musculus adductor brevis

musculus adductor brevis means: the short adductor muscle of the thigh

Meaning of Nuclear fuel

nuclear fuel means: fuel (such as uranium) that can be used in nuclear reactors as a source of electricity

Meaning of Nucleon number

nucleon number means: the sum of the number of neutrons and protons in an atomic nucleus

Meaning of Obtainment

obtainment means: the act of obtaining

Meaning of Peevishness

peevishness means: a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger

Meaning of Peevishness

peevishness means: an irritable petulant feeling

Meaning of Saline solution

saline solution means: an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water

Meaning of Spring break

spring break means: a week or more of recess during the spring term at school

Meaning of Stonecrop

stonecrop means: any of various northern temperate plants of the genus Sedum having fleshy leaves and red or yellow or white flowers

Meaning of Usbeg

usbeg means: the Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek

Meaning of Usbeg

usbeg means: a member of a Turkic people of Uzbekistan and neighboring areas

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