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Meaning of Formalwear

formalwear means: attire to wear on formal occasions in the evening

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Meaning of Alarm system

alarm system means: a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event

Meaning of Alienist

alienist means: a psychiatrist and specialist in the legal aspects of mental illness

Meaning of Alternative birthing

alternative birthing means: a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings

Meaning of Auditory cortex

auditory cortex means: the cortical area that receives auditory information from the medial geniculate body

Meaning of Ballerina

ballerina means: a female ballet dancer

Meaning of Beltless

beltless means: lacking a belt

Meaning of Bluegill

bluegill means: important edible sunfish of eastern and central United States

Meaning of Canicular days

canicular days means: the hot period between early July and early September; a period of inactivity

Meaning of Chaenomeles japonica

chaenomeles japonica means: deciduous thorny shrub native to Japan having red blossoms

Meaning of Director of research

director of research means: a supervisor in a research center

Meaning of Dovetail plane

dovetail plane means: a woodworking plane designed to make the grooves for dovetail joints

Meaning of Eke out

eke out means: obtain with difficulty

Meaning of Eke out

eke out means: make by laborious and precarious means

Meaning of Eke out

eke out means: supplement what is thought to be deficient

Meaning of Eke out

eke out means: live from day to day, as with some hardship

Meaning of Huston

huston means: United States film maker born in the United States but an Irish citizen after 1964 (1906-1987)

Meaning of J particle

j particle means: a neutral meson with a large mass

Meaning of Modern-day

modern-day means: characteristic of the present

Meaning of Red line

red line means: a line that is colored red and that bisects an ice hockey rink

Meaning of Redundance

redundance means: the attribute of being superfluous and unneeded

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