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Meaning of Facelift

facelift means: a renovation that improves the outward appearance (as of a building) but usually does not involve major changes

Meaning of Facelift

facelift means: plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised

Meaning of Faceplate

faceplate means: a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)

Meaning of Facer

facer means: (a dated Briticism) a serious difficulty with which one is suddenly faced

Meaning of Facet

facet means: a distinct feature or element in a problem

Meaning of Facet

facet means: a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

Meaning of Facet plane

facet plane means: the plane of a facet of an object (as of a cube)

Meaning of Faceted

faceted means: having facets

Meaning of Facetious

facetious means: cleverly amusing in tone

Meaning of Facetiously

facetiously means: not seriously

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Bradycardia

bradycardia means: abnormally slow heartbeat

Meaning of Cognisance

cognisance means: having knowledge of

Meaning of Dusky shark

dusky shark means: relatively slender blue-grey shark; nearly worldwide in tropical and temperate waters

Meaning of Ebola virus

ebola virus means: a filovirus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever; carried by animals; can be used as a bioweapon

Meaning of Eczema

eczema means: generic term for inflammatory conditions of the skin; particularly with vesiculation in the acute stages

Meaning of Euphractus sexcinctus

euphractus sexcinctus means: Argentine armadillo with six movable bands and hairy underparts

Meaning of Fastigiate

fastigiate means: having clusters of erect branches (often appearing to form a single column)

Meaning of Forty winks

forty winks means: sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

Meaning of Horned asp

horned asp means: highly venomous viper of northern Africa and southwestern Asia having a horny spine above each eye

Meaning of Land office

land office means: a government office where business relating to public lands is transacted

Meaning of Lanthanide

lanthanide means: any element of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71)

Meaning of Malarial

malarial means: of or infected by or resembling malaria

Meaning of Novillero

novillero means: a bullfighter who is required to fight bulls less than four years of age

Meaning of Pretentious

pretentious means: intended to attract notice and impress others

Meaning of Pretentious

pretentious means: making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction

Meaning of Pretentious

pretentious means: (of a display) tawdry or vulgar

Meaning of Ravishment

ravishment means: the crime of forcing a person to submit to sexual intercourse against his or her will

Meaning of Ravishment

ravishment means: a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment

Meaning of Rusticism

rusticism means: a rural idiom or expression

Meaning of Shuck

shuck means: material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

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