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Meaning of Earl of leicester

earl of leicester means: an English nobleman who led the baronial rebellion against Henry III (1208-1265)

Meaning of Earl of warwick

earl of warwick means: English statesman; during the War of the Roses he fought first for the house of York and secured the throne for Edward IV and then changed sides to fight for the house of Lancaster and secured the throne for Henry VI (1428-1471)

Meaning of Earl russell

earl russell means: English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Whitehead (1872-1970)

Meaning of Earl warren

earl warren means: United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)

Meaning of Earlap

earlap means: one of two flaps attached to a cap to keep the ears warm

Meaning of Earldom

earldom means: the domain controlled by an earl or count or countess

Meaning of Earldom

earldom means: the dignity or rank or position of an earl or countess

Meaning of Earleaved umbrella tree

earleaved umbrella tree means: small erect deciduous tree with large leaves in coiled formations at branch tips

Meaning of Earless

earless means: lacking external ears

Meaning of Earless lizard

earless lizard means: any of several slender lizards without external ear openings: of plains of western United States and Mexico

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aesthetics

aesthetics means: (art) the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art)

Meaning of Alveolar arch

alveolar arch means: the part of the upper or lower jawbones in which the teeth are set

Meaning of Byway

byway means: a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)

Meaning of Catwalk

catwalk means: narrow pathway high in the air (as above a stage or between parts of a building or along a bridge)

Meaning of Catwalk

catwalk means: narrow platform extending out into an auditorium

Meaning of Comint

comint means: technical and intelligence information derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients

Meaning of Democratisation

democratisation means: the action of making something democratic

Meaning of Fire hook

fire hook means: fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle; used to stir a fire

Meaning of Gangland

gangland means: underworld organizations

Meaning of Grand canyon national park

grand canyon national park means: a national park in Arizona including the mile deep canyon of the Colorado River which shows geologic features and fossil plants and animals

Meaning of Hydrophytic

hydrophytic means: growing wholly or partially in water

Meaning of Jell-o

jell-o means: fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder

Meaning of Josiah spode

josiah spode means: English potter who started a pottery famous for its bone china (1754-1827)

Meaning of Kaplan group

kaplan group means: a Turkish terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims with ties to al-Qaeda that operates in Germany; seeks the violent overthrow of the Turkish government and the establishment of an Islamic nation modeled on Iran

Meaning of Kit out

kit out means: supply with a set of articles or tools

Meaning of Mayeng

mayeng means: Indian tree having fragrant nocturnal white flowers and yielding a reddish wood used for planking; often grown as an ornamental or shade tree

Meaning of Ornithomimida

ornithomimida means: lightly built medium-size theropods

Meaning of Palmister

palmister means: fortuneteller who predicts your future by the lines on your palms

Meaning of Shrapnel

shrapnel means: shell containing lead pellets that explodes in flight

Meaning of Thylacinus

thylacinus means: Tasmanian wolf

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