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Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Clement vii

clement vii means: Italian pope from 1523 to 1534 who broke with Henry VIII of England after Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon and married Anne Boleyn (1478-1534)

Meaning of Drought

drought means: a shortage of rainfall

Meaning of Drought

drought means: a prolonged shortage

Meaning of Family cornaceae

family cornaceae means: a rosid dicot family of the order Umbellales including: genera Aucuba, Cornus, Corokia, Curtisia, Griselinia, Helwingia

Meaning of Family oleandraceae

family oleandraceae means: one of a number of families into which Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems

Meaning of Family steatornithidae

family steatornithidae means: oilbirds

Meaning of George ellery hale

george ellery hale means: United States astronomer who discovered that sunspots are associated with strong magnetic fields (1868-1938)

Meaning of Gustatory modality

gustatory modality means: the faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouth

Meaning of Hockey coach

hockey coach means: a coach of hockey players

Meaning of Inhalant

inhalant means: a medication to be taken by inhaling it

Meaning of Inhalant

inhalant means: something that is inhaled

Meaning of Inhalant

inhalant means: inhaling or serving for inhalation

Meaning of Johnny cake

johnny cake means: cornbread usually cooked pancake-style on a griddle (chiefly New England)

Meaning of Leatherette

leatherette means: fabric made to look like leather

Meaning of Morpheme

morpheme means: minimal meaningful language unit; it cannot be divided into smaller meaningful units

Meaning of Precociousness

precociousness means: intelligence achieved far ahead of normal developmental schedules

Meaning of Racquet

racquet means: a sports implement (usually consisting of a handle and an oval frame with a tightly interlaced network of strings) used to strike a ball (or shuttlecock) in various games

Meaning of Salvia azurea

salvia azurea means: blue-flowered sage of dry prairies of the eastern United States

Meaning of Sparerib

sparerib means: a cut of pork ribs with much of the meat trimmed off

Meaning of Superoxide dismutase

superoxide dismutase means: an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of superoxide into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen

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