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Meaning of Dacridium laxifolius

dacridium laxifolius means: low-growing to prostrate shrub with slender trailing branches; New Zealand

Meaning of Dacron

dacron means: a kind of polyester fabric

Meaning of Dacrycarpus

dacrycarpus means: evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees of New Zealand to Malaysia and Philippines

Meaning of Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

dacrycarpus dacrydioides means: New Zealand evergreen valued for its light easily worked wood

Meaning of Dacrydium

dacrydium means: Australasian evergreen trees or shrubs

Meaning of Dacrydium bidwilli

dacrydium bidwilli means: New Zealand shrub

Meaning of Dacrydium colensoi

dacrydium colensoi means: New Zealand silver pine of conical habit with long slender flexuous branches; adapted to cold wet summers and high altitudes

Meaning of Dacrydium cupressinum

dacrydium cupressinum means: tall New Zealand timber tree

Meaning of Dacrydium franklinii

dacrydium franklinii means: Tasmanian timber tree with yellow aromatic wavy-grained wood used for carving and ship building; sometimes placed in genus Dacrydium

Meaning of Dacrymyces

dacrymyces means: type genus of the Dacrymycetaceae: fungi with a bifurcate basidium that lacks septa

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aculeus

aculeus means: a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect

Meaning of Aculeus

aculeus means: a stiff sharp-pointed plant process

Meaning of Adjourn

adjourn means: close at the end of a session

Meaning of Adjourn

adjourn means: break from a meeting or gathering

Meaning of Alliaria

alliaria means: a genus of herbs of the family Cruciferae; have broad leaves and white flowers and long siliques

Meaning of Alms

alms means: money or goods contributed to the poor

Meaning of Avahi laniger

avahi laniger means: nocturnal indris with thick grey-brown fur and a long tail

Meaning of Deamination

deamination means: removal of the amino radical from an amino acid or other amino compound

Meaning of Dockhand

dockhand means: a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port

Meaning of Efflorescent

efflorescent means: bursting into flower

Meaning of Emasculated

emasculated means: (of a male animal) having the testicles removed

Meaning of End matter

end matter means: written matter following the main text of a book

Meaning of Expiatory

expiatory means: having power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation

Meaning of Fall off

fall off means: diminish in size or intensity

Meaning of Fall off

fall off means: fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly

Meaning of Fall off

fall off means: come off

Meaning of Genus anguilla

genus anguilla means: type genus of the Anguillidae: eels

Meaning of Indentured

indentured means: bound by contract

Meaning of Musicologist

musicologist means: a student of musicology

Meaning of Selfish

selfish means: concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others

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