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Meaning of Daffo

daffo means: a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria

Meaning of Daffodil

daffodil means: any of numerous varieties of Narcissus plants having showy often yellow flowers with a trumpet-shaped central crown

Meaning of Daffodil garlic

daffodil garlic means: European onion with white flowers

Meaning of Dafla

dafla means: little known Kamarupan languages

Meaning of Daft

daft means: informal or slang terms for mentally irregular

Meaning of Daftly

daftly means: in a mildly insane manner

Meaning of Daftness

daftness means: informal terms for insanity

Meaning of Dag

dag means: a flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing

Meaning of Dag

dag means: 10 grams

Meaning of Dag hammarskjold

dag hammarskjold means: Swedish diplomat who greatly extended the influence of the United Nations in peacekeeping matters (1905-1961)

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Court of assize and nisi prius

court of assize and nisi prius means: the county courts of England (replaced in 1971 by Crown courts)

Meaning of Drilling bit

drilling bit means: a bit used in drilling for oil

Meaning of Family struthionidae

family struthionidae means: tall terrestrial birds: ostriches

Meaning of Genus althaea

genus althaea means: hollyhocks; in some classification systems synonymous with genus Alcea

Meaning of Genus arrhenatherum

genus arrhenatherum means: oat grass

Meaning of Horseman

horseman means: a person who breeds and cares for horses

Meaning of Horseman

horseman means: a man skilled in equitation

Meaning of Jimhickey

jimhickey means: something excellent of its kind

Meaning of Jimhickey

jimhickey means: someone excellent of their kind

Meaning of Knock-knee

knock-knee means: an inward slant of the thigh

Meaning of Multiplicand

multiplicand means: the number that is multiplied by the multiplier

Meaning of Pyruvic acid

pyruvic acid means: a colorless acid formed as an important intermediate in metabolism or fermentation

Meaning of Queensland bottletree

queensland bottletree means: large tree of Queensland having cream-colored flowers blotched with red inside; sometimes placed in genus Sterculia

Meaning of Queensland grass-cloth plant

queensland grass-cloth plant means: Australian plant of genus Pipturus whose fiber is used in making cloth

Meaning of Retroflexed

retroflexed means: bent or curved backward

Meaning of Saint's day

saint's day means: a day commemorating a saint

Meaning of Salvadorean

salvadorean means: a native or inhabitant of El Salvador

Meaning of Salvadorean

salvadorean means: of or relating to or characteristic of El Salvador or its people

Meaning of Sublimed

sublimed means: passing or having passed from the solid to the gaseous state (or vice versa) without becoming liquid

Meaning of Swallow shrike

swallow shrike means: Australasian and Asiatic bird related to the shrikes and resembling a swallow

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