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Meaning of D. h. lawrence

d. h. lawrence means: English novelist and poet and essayist whose work condemned industrial society and explored sexual relationships (1885-1930)

Meaning of D. w. griffith

d. w. griffith means: United States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)

Meaning of D.a.

d.a. means: a doctor's degree with a special disciplinary focus

Meaning of D.c.

d.c. means: the district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the capital of the United States and created out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia

Meaning of D.j.

d.j. means: a person who announces and plays popular recorded music

Meaning of D.o.a.

d.o.a. means: abbreviation for `dead on arrival' at the emergency room

Meaning of D.p.r.k.

d.p.r.k. means: a communist country in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948

Meaning of Da

da means: an official prosecutor for a judicial district

Meaning of Da gamma

da gamma means: Portuguese navigator who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497; he sighted and named Natal on Christmas Day before crossing the Indian Ocean (1469-1524)

Meaning of Da vinci

da vinci means: Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the Italian Renaissance (1452-1519)

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Beginner

beginner means: a person who founds or establishes some institution

Meaning of Beginner

beginner means: someone new to a field or activity

Meaning of Carrycot

carrycot means: box-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)

Meaning of Christmas begonia

christmas begonia means: hybrid winter-blooming begonia grown for its many large pink flowers

Meaning of Equitation

equitation means: the sport of sitting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements

Meaning of Erica lusitanica

erica lusitanica means: erect dense shrub native to western Iberian peninsula having profuse white or pink flowers; naturalized in southwestern England

Meaning of Genus petrocoptis

genus petrocoptis means: perennial tussock-forming rock plants; of Pyrenees and mountains of northern Spain; similar to and sometimes placed in genus Lychnis

Meaning of Genus reticulitermes

genus reticulitermes means: includes species highly destructive to structures and living trees

Meaning of Girl friday

girl friday means: a female assistant who has a range of duties

Meaning of Intraocular pressure

intraocular pressure means: pressure exerted by the fluids inside the eyeball; regulated by resistance to the outward flow of aqueous humor

Meaning of John churchill

john churchill means: English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

Meaning of Kilometres per hour

kilometres per hour means: the ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)

Meaning of King ferdinand

king ferdinand means: the king of Castile and Aragon who ruled jointly with his wife Isabella; his marriage to Isabella I in 1469 marked the beginning of the modern state of Spain and their capture of Granada from the Moors in 1492 united Spain as one country; they instituted the Spanish Inquisition in 1478 and supported the expedition of Christopher Columbus in 1492 (1452-1516)

Meaning of Lady's slipper

lady's slipper means: any of several chiefly American wildflowers having an inflated pouchlike lip; difficult or impossible to cultivate in the garden

Meaning of Potato nose

potato nose means: enlargement of the nose with dilation of follicles and redness and prominent vascularity of the skin; often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol

Meaning of Rare-earth element

rare-earth element means: any element of the lanthanide series (atomic numbers 57 through 71)

Meaning of Sandalwood family

sandalwood family means: chiefly tropical herbs or shrubs or trees bearing nuts or one-seeded fruit

Meaning of Stateswoman

stateswoman means: a woman statesman

Meaning of Swiz

swiz means: British slang for a swindle

Meaning of Touch typing

touch typing means: typewriting in which the fingers are trained to hit particular keys; typist can read and type at the same time

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