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Meaning of Cyanocitta

cyanocitta means: New World jays

Meaning of Cyanocitta cristata

cyanocitta cristata means: common jay of eastern North America; bright blue with grey breast

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Antimatter

antimatter means: matter consisting of elementary particles that are the antiparticles of those making up normal substances

Meaning of Built-up

built-up means: peopled with settlers

Meaning of Cerous

cerous means: of or relating to or containing cerium with valence 3

Meaning of Classics

classics means: study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome

Meaning of Collembolan

collembolan means: any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern; found in soil rich in organic debris or on the surface of snow or water

Meaning of Genus anolis

genus anolis means: New World chameleons

Meaning of Genus schlumbergera

genus schlumbergera means: South American epiphytic or lithophytic cacti

Meaning of Hyperbaric chamber

hyperbaric chamber means: a large chamber in which the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere; used in treating breathing disorders or carbon monoxide poisoning

Meaning of Jackhammer

jackhammer means: a hammer driven by compressed air

Meaning of Karaya gum

karaya gum means: exudate of an Asian tree; used for finishing textiles and to thicken foodstuffs and cosmetics

Meaning of Lactuca serriola

lactuca serriola means: European annual wild lettuce having prickly stems; a troublesome weed in parts of United States

Meaning of Mao jacket

mao jacket means: a light weight jacket with a high collar; worn by Mao Zedong and the Chinese people during his regime

Meaning of Mobuto lake

mobuto lake means: a shallow lake on the border between Uganda and Congo in the Great Rift Valley

Meaning of One-sixth

one-sixth means: one part in six equal parts

Meaning of Parabolic

parabolic means: having the form of a parabola

Meaning of Parabolic

parabolic means: resembling or expressed by parables

Meaning of Postage meter

postage meter means: meter for bulk mailings that imprints correct prepaid postage on pieces of mail and records the total charge

Meaning of Scholia

scholia means: a marginal note written by a scholiast (a commentator on ancient or classical literature)

Meaning of Shallow

shallow means: a stretch of shallow water

Meaning of Shallow

shallow means: become shallow

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