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Meaning of Cabalist

cabalist means: an expert who is highly skilled in obscure or difficult or esoteric matters

Meaning of Cabalist

cabalist means: a member of a cabal

Meaning of Cabalistic

cabalistic means: having a secret or hidden meaning

Meaning of Cabana

cabana means: a small tent used as a dressing room beside the sea or a swimming pool

Meaning of Cabaret

cabaret means: a series of acts at a night club

Meaning of Cabaret

cabaret means: a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

Meaning of Cabasset

cabasset means: a metal helmet worn by common soldiers in the 16th century

Meaning of Cabassous

cabassous means: naked-tailed armadillo of tropical South America

Meaning of Cabassous unicinctus

cabassous unicinctus means: naked-tailed armadillo of tropical South America

Meaning of Cabbage

cabbage means: any of various types of cabbage

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Africanized honey bee

africanized honey bee means: a strain of bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s as a cross between an aggressive African bee and a honeybee; retains most of the traits of the African bee; now spread as far north as Texas

Meaning of Anhedonia

anhedonia means: an inability to experience pleasure

Meaning of Armeria maritima

armeria maritima means: tufted thrift of seacoasts and mountains of north temperate zone; occasionally grown as a ground cover

Meaning of Charles edward berry

charles edward berry means: United States rock singer (born in 1931)

Meaning of Cuke

cuke means: cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable; related to melons

Meaning of Cutlass

cutlass means: a short heavy curved sword with one edge; formerly used by sailors

Meaning of Dishonourably

dishonourably means: in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

Meaning of Dissonance

dissonance means: disagreeable sounds

Meaning of Dissonance

dissonance means: the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality; sound that is a disagreeable auditory experience

Meaning of Dissonance

dissonance means: a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters

Meaning of Genus grison

genus grison means: a genus of Mustelidae

Meaning of Hamas

hamas means: a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that opposes peace with Israel and uses terrorism as a weapon; seeks to create an Islamic state in place of Israel; is opposed to the PLO and has become a leading perpetrator of terrorist activity in Israel; pioneered suicide bombing

Meaning of Kerosene heater

kerosene heater means: heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking

Meaning of Marattia salicina

marattia salicina means: large Australasian evergreen fern with an edible rhizome sometimes used as a vegetable by indigenous people

Meaning of Mashie

mashie means: middle-distance iron

Meaning of Milady

milady means: an English noblewoman

Meaning of Otis tarda

otis tarda means: largest European land bird

Meaning of Passive immunity

passive immunity means: an impermanent form of acquired immunity in which antibodies against a disease are acquired naturally (as through the placenta to an unborn child) or artificially (as by injection of antiserum)

Meaning of Perihelion

perihelion means: periapsis in solar orbit; the point in the orbit of a planet or comet where it is nearest to the sun

Meaning of Plausible

plausible means: apparently reasonable and credible, and therefore convincing

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