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Meaning of C

c means: a vitamin found in fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits) and vegetables; prevents scurvy

Meaning of C

c means: the speed at which light travels in a vacuum; the constancy and universality of the speed of light is recognized by defining it to be exactly 299,792,458 meters per second

Meaning of C

c means: being ten more than ninety

Meaning of C and w

c and w means: a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States; usually played on stringed instruments

Meaning of C battery

c battery means: battery used to maintain the grid potential in a vacuum tube

Meaning of C clef

c clef means: a movable clef that puts middle C on one of the lines of a staff

Meaning of C compiler

c compiler means: a compiler for programs written in C

Meaning of C horizon

c horizon means: beneath the B-horizon and above the bedrock; consisting of weathered rock

Meaning of C major

c major means: (music) the major scale having no sharps or flats

Meaning of C major scale

c major scale means: (music) the major scale having no sharps or flats

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aliquant

aliquant means: an integer that is not an exact divisor of some quantity

Meaning of Cardinal richelieu

cardinal richelieu means: French prelate and statesman; principal minister to Louis XIII (1585-1642)

Meaning of Character set

character set means: an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing

Meaning of De-ionate

de-ionate means: remove ions from

Meaning of Disincarnate

disincarnate means: make immaterial; remove the real essence of

Meaning of Encyclical

encyclical means: a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world

Meaning of Encyclical

encyclical means: intended for wide distribution

Meaning of Examination paper

examination paper means: a written examination

Meaning of Genus scindapsus

genus scindapsus means: evergreen climbers with adhesive adventitious roots; southeastern Asia and Brazil

Meaning of Harkat ul-mujahedeen

harkat ul-mujahedeen means: an Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s; now operates as a terrorist organization primarily in Kashmir and seeks Kashmir's accession by Pakistan

Meaning of Huygens' principle of superposition

huygens' principle of superposition means: the displacement of any point due to the superposition of wave systems is equal to the sum of the displacements of the individual waves at that point

Meaning of Lonicera hirsuta

lonicera hirsuta means: twining deciduous shrub with hairy leaves and spikes of yellow-orange flowers; northeastern America

Meaning of Odovacar

odovacar means: Germanic barbarian leader who ended the Western Roman Empire in 476 and became the first barbarian ruler of Italy (434-493)

Meaning of Phoebus

phoebus means: (Greek mythology) Greek god of light; god of prophecy and poetry and music and healing; son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis

Meaning of Seep

seep means: pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings

Meaning of Serial processing

serial processing means: sequential processing by two or more processing units

Meaning of Slyness

slyness means: shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception

Meaning of Stephen foster

stephen foster means: United States songwriter whose songs embody the sentiment of the South before the American Civil War (1826-1864)

Meaning of Straplike

straplike means: long and narrow like a strap

Meaning of Trades union

trades union means: an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer

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