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Meaning of Ben

ben means: a mountain or tall hill

Meaning of Ben gurion

ben gurion means: Israeli statesman (born in Poland) and active Zionist who organized resistance against the British after World War II; prime minister of Israel (1886-1973)

Meaning of Ben hecht

ben hecht means: United States writer of stories and plays (1894-1946)

Meaning of Ben hogan

ben hogan means: United States golfer who won many major golf tournaments (1912-1997)

Meaning of Ben jonson

ben jonson means: English dramatist and poet who was the first real poet laureate of England (1572-1637)

Meaning of Ben shahn

ben shahn means: United States artist whose work reflected social and political themes (1898-1969)

Meaning of Ben sira

ben sira means: an Apocryphal book mainly of maxims (resembling Proverbs in that respect)

Meaning of Benadryl

benadryl means: antihistamine (trade name Benadryl) used to treat allergic reactions involving the nasal passages (hay fever) and also to treat motion sickness

Meaning of Bench

bench means: a long seat for more than one person

Meaning of Bench

bench means: (law) the seat for judges in a courtroom

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aceraceae

aceraceae means: a family of trees and shrubs of order Sapindales including the maples

Meaning of Bessemer process

bessemer process means: an industrial process for making steel using a Bessemer converter to blast air through molten iron and thus burning the excess carbon and impurities; the first successful method of making steel in quantity at low cost

Meaning of Callirhoe involucrata

callirhoe involucrata means: hairy perennial of central United States having round deeply lobed leaves and loose panicles of large crimson-purple or cherry-red flowers

Meaning of Choleric

choleric means: characterized by anger

Meaning of Choleric

choleric means: quickly aroused to anger

Meaning of Choleric

choleric means: easily moved to anger

Meaning of Clangorous

clangorous means: having a loud resonant metallic sound

Meaning of Disparateness

disparateness means: utter dissimilarity

Meaning of Dylan thomas

dylan thomas means: Welsh poet (1914-1953)

Meaning of Enterobacteriaceae

enterobacteriaceae means: a large family of Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria of the order Eubacteriales

Meaning of Erosive

erosive means: of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action

Meaning of Erosive

erosive means: wearing away by friction

Meaning of Genus ursus

genus ursus means: type genus of Ursidae: brown bears; in some classifications genus Ursus includes all bears

Meaning of Gi hormones

gi hormones means: hormones that affect gastrointestinal functioning

Meaning of Great schism

great schism means: the period from 1378 to 1417 during which there were two papacies in the Roman Catholic Church, one in Rome and one in Avignon

Meaning of Hardback

hardback means: a book with cardboard or cloth or leather covers

Meaning of Hardback

hardback means: having a hard back or cover

Meaning of Indo-iranian

indo-iranian means: the branch of the Indo-European family of languages including the Indic and Iranian language groups

Meaning of Lanugo

lanugo means: the fine downy hair covering a human fetus; normally shed during the ninth month of gestation

Meaning of Narrow-body aircraft

narrow-body aircraft means: a commercial airliner with a single aisle

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