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Meaning of Beachcomber

beachcomber means: a vagrant living on a beach

Meaning of Beachfront

beachfront means: a strip of land running along a beach

Meaning of Beachhead

beachhead means: an initial accomplishment that opens the way for further developments

Meaning of Beachhead

beachhead means: a bridgehead on the enemy's shoreline seized by an amphibious operation

Meaning of Beachwear

beachwear means: clothing to be worn at a beach

Meaning of Beacon

beacon means: a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships

Meaning of Beacon

beacon means: a radio station that broadcasts a directional signal for navigational purposes

Meaning of Beacon

beacon means: a fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distance

Meaning of Beacon

beacon means: guide with a beacon

Meaning of Beacon

beacon means: shine like a beacon

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Ardisia crenata

ardisia crenata means: shrub with coral-red berries; Japan to northern India

Meaning of Bereft

bereft means: sorrowful through loss or deprivation

Meaning of Bereft

bereft means: unhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love

Meaning of Calcium octadecanoate

calcium octadecanoate means: an insoluble calcium salt of stearic acid and palmitic acid; it is formed when soap is mixed with water that contains calcium ions and is the scum produced in regions of hard water

Meaning of Civilly

civilly means: in a civil manner

Meaning of Dependant upon

dependant upon means: being determined by conditions or circumstances that follow

Meaning of Dramamine

dramamine means: antihistamine and antiemetic (trade name Dramamine) used to treat motion sickness

Meaning of Dustin hoffman

dustin hoffman means: versatile United States film actor (born in 1937)

Meaning of Elver

elver means: young eel

Meaning of Elver

elver means: young eel; may be sauteed or batter-fried

Meaning of Epipremnum

epipremnum means: small genus of evergreen lianas of southeastern Asia to western Pacific areas

Meaning of George gamow

george gamow means: United States physicist (born in Russia) who was a proponent of the big-bang theory and who did research in radioactivity and suggested the triplet code for DNA (1904-1968)

Meaning of Lariat

lariat means: a long noosed rope used to catch animals

Meaning of Leaf scorch

leaf scorch means: plant disease causing a burned or scorched appearance of the foliage

Meaning of Material possession

material possession means: property or belongings that are tangible

Meaning of Pansinusitis

pansinusitis means: inflammation of all of the paranasal sinuses

Meaning of Pseudococcidae

pseudococcidae means: scalelike insects: mealybugs

Meaning of Reuben lucius goldberg

reuben lucius goldberg means: United States cartoonist who drew intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing (1883-1970)

Meaning of Semisweet

semisweet means: having a taste that is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness

Meaning of Subclass dipnoi

subclass dipnoi means: bony fishes of the southern hemisphere that breathe by a modified air bladder as well as gills; sometimes classified as an order of Crossopterygii

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