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Meaning of Abaxially

abaxially means: in an abaxial manner

Meaning of Abaya

abaya means: (Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe; traditionally worn by Muslim women

Meaning of Abb

abb means: an urban hit squad and guerrilla group of the Communist Party in the Philippines; formed in the 1980s

Meaning of Abbacy

abbacy means: the jurisdiction or office of an abbot

Meaning of Abbatial

abbatial means: of or having to do with or belonging to an abbey or abbot, or abbess

Meaning of Abbe

abbe means: a French abbot

Meaning of Abbe condenser

abbe condenser means: a condenser having 2 or 3 lenses with wide aperture for use in microscopes

Meaning of Abbess

abbess means: the superior of a group of nuns

Meaning of Abbey

abbey means: a monastery ruled by an abbot

Meaning of Abbey

abbey means: a convent ruled by an abbess

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Meaning of Adage

adage means: a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people

Meaning of Anacardium

anacardium means: type genus of the Anacardiaceae: cashew

Meaning of Arthur garfield hays

arthur garfield hays means: United States lawyer involved in several famous court trials (1881-1954)

Meaning of Business people

business people means: people who transact business (especially business executives)

Meaning of Chin wagging

chin wagging means: light informal conversation for social occasions

Meaning of Equine encephalomyelitis

equine encephalomyelitis means: encephalitis caused by a virus that is transmitted by a mosquito from an infected horse

Meaning of Giambattista marino

giambattista marino means: Italian poet (1569-1625)

Meaning of Lodz

lodz means: a large city of central Poland

Meaning of Miosis

miosis means: reflex contraction of the sphincter muscle of the iris in response to a bright light (or certain drugs) causing the pupil to become smaller

Meaning of Miosis

miosis means: (genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms; the nucleus divides into four nuclei each containing half the chromosome number (leading to gametes in animals and spores in plants)

Meaning of New london

new london means: a town in southeastern Connecticut near Long Island Sound; an important whaling center in the 19th century

Meaning of Pandanus tectorius

pandanus tectorius means: Polynesian screw pine

Meaning of Perambulate

perambulate means: walk with no particular goal

Meaning of Perambulate

perambulate means: make an official inspection on foot of (the bounds of a property)

Meaning of Photographic paper

photographic paper means: light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed

Meaning of Relocate

relocate means: move or establish in a new location

Meaning of Relocate

relocate means: become established in a new location

Meaning of Sandbagger

sandbagger means: someone who deceives you about his true nature or intent in order to take advantage of you

Meaning of Selfless

selfless means: showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others

Meaning of Serratula

serratula means: genus of Old World perennial herbs with spirally arranged toothed leaves

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